Saturday, October 26, 2013

It Will Never Stop

When there are too many idiots in the world, then idiocy will reign supreme. Therefore, we are now officially living in 'Idiot Land'.

The world governments are on a slippery economic slope. Wars and revolutions are going on in more than a hundred countries. Starvation, disease, illegal drugs, corruption, piracy and every other thing you can think of that destroys lives, communities and the very fabric of civilized societies are issues that must be grappled with if we are to live on a secure planet.

But, what is the most important thing on the news today? Whether the Washington Redskins should change their name or not. Now, it's looking like the owner of the franchise is going to 'cave' and do just that. I mean, it's the politically correct thing to do. Right? It will make all the liberals feel better about themselves. Never mind that it won't help the American Indians any. They will still be destitute and living on a dead end road with no hope of a prosperous life. But, at least the liberals won't have to look at that horrid name anymore on Sundays. Out of sight, out of mind, eh?

I wish the owner would contact me about a new name. It should be indicative of where they are located. How about the Washington Taxmen. Or, the Washington Corruptors. I personally prefer the Washington Liars. Then, there are others such as the Washington Leakers, the Washington Spies, the Washington Ambassador Killers, the Washington Crashers (Obamacare website dig), the Washington Destroyers (as in our economy), the Washington Dictators, the Washington Spinners, and finally the Washington Wussies; for caving in to the idiocy that permeates the liberal psyche.

I guess we'll also have to change the name of other teams, eventually. The Chicago Bears is too violent a name, and I believe has a direct correlation to the violence that has defined the city. How about the Chicago Yogis. Yogi is a friendly bear with a sidekick named Boo-boo. That should get the crime rate down. The Dallas Cowboys will have to change their name because it's too sexist. What about the cowgirls? They've been left out. Yes, the Dallas Cowpeople would come off much better. The Oakland Raiders definitely have to change their name. That is an unlawful occupation to raid anything and is, by definition, politically incorrect. How about the Oakland Pacifiers. They could even use the name as a great marketing tool and turn their mouth pieces into pacifiers they can suck on the entire game. Has anyone asked a bunch of dolphins if they are okay with Miami's team name? The New Orleans Saints have to change their name due to religious intolerance. The New Orleans Ecumenicals would be much better.

The fact is, the name Redskins doesn't actually harm anybody. It is a benign name for a football team that is based in the most corrupt, scandal ridden and power hungry section of our country. If you think about it, the name doesn't really apply to native Americans. It applies to the color of our politicians' skin when they come out before the press and spew out lie after lie after lie. Their faces turn red from the audacity of it all. All the Redskins have to do is take the present logo off their helmets and paste a photo of Pelosi in its place, or Harry Reid. That will explain everything about the name of the team.

The main problem with liberals, other than having a mental deficiency, is they only look outward...never inward. Their self-sanctimonious, narcissistic, out-of-control, false opinionated outlook on people in general wouldn't be nearly as sharp to cut others if that outlook was turned to an inlook. An honest self appraisal might get them to be a little less squealy about the perceived wrongs they see in the world that is committed by others and realize that, at least in part, they are the problem.

The race baiters are winning and in so doing they are creating the atmosphere desired. Divisiveness is what they want. They want people to vote based on racial bias and look at the exterior of the candidate instead of what they possess on the inside...which is the most important characteristic of anyone's personality. To bow down to these screeching calls to change the name of a football team that has been in existence since 1932 is to grant these idiots more power, which is exactly what we all, collectively, should not want nor allow. It will only encourage further idiocy that will ultimately invade our own individual lives, which it is already.

But, alas, I am in the minority when it comes to being politically correct. I posted a tongue-in-cheek 'short' comment on grandkids the other day and, as expected, someone got their feelings hurt and just COULDN'T believe I was like that. I love to post things sometimes just to see what kind of reaction I get and I am seldom disappointed. Attack people's grandchildren? Are you nuts? Too funny. The sensitivities that are out there boggle my mind. Especially when the subject doesn't affect a person's own life. Yes, I'm an advocate for native Americans. I am appalled at how they are treated. But, maybe the best place to start would be in helping them with housing, food, job training, self-worth seminars, medical help, etc. THEN, we might start thinking about changing an NFL team's name. To do the latter first, is to be an idiot. And, since there are too many of those running around breathing good air...the idiocy will never stop.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The American Spirit is Not Dead...But It's on Life Support

The reason I know the American spirit is not completely dead is because of a report I heard today. It seems the government, due to the shutdown, informed the Air Force Academy in Colorado that it would have to cancel its next game because there were no funds to transport them there. United Airlines, in a great PR move, contacted the academy and offered to fly the team to the game and back....on the house. Kudos to United Airlines and I hope they make a squillion dollars a year in profit.

You see, in a capitalistic society that is built on high ideals and a sound, moral center; such as ours used to be, neighbor helps neighbor. Families reach out to strangers in their time of need. Communities unite during hard times and see to it the whole remains intact. What United did today is just like that. No matter the motivation, it is a 'cost' to them in the short run to make such an offer and carry it out...if they are allowed to. But it is a personal cost. United isn't just throwing money at the problem like our government does, believing that's all you need to solve problems. It's putting its own time, material, personnel and resources into the challenge.

Therein lies the rub. If the American spirit was truly alive and well, strong as ever and ready to rumble; the report today would have mentioned more than one airline. And don't try to tell me the airlines are still suffering. All that means is you haven't tried to fly anywhere in a long time. The fact that only one is mentioned is why I do believe our spirit is on life support.

I read a story on today about hikers up in Idaho that are missing and there aren't any federal funds to send searchers in to find them, since it's a government park they are in. I'm thinking, "Okay, so don't send anyone in to get them." I know that sounds harsh, but this particular area is not for the hiking squeamish. If one is not experienced in that kind of terrain, not in excellent shape and not prepared for emergencies, they have no business in that area to begin with...if they care anything about their own well being. To always expect the government to be on hand to save every to surrender your self worth, your individuality, your very a thing that cares nothing at all about your liberties.

The wussification of this country is mind boggling. Oh yeah, we've got all these guys and gals who want to be involved in all these extreme, outdoor sports (mountain climbing, snow boarding, rock climbing, parachuting, racing, hunting, hiking, camping in wilderness settings, boating et al); but when they inevitably get hurt, there better be a helicopter equipped rescue team, a doctor a nurse and an ambulance at their side in less than five minutes or the lawyer is on speed dial. When did this happen to us? When did it become the government's responsibility to be our savior every time we decided to do something dangerous, ill advised or just downright stupid.

Stop putting warning labels on dangerous things! It will weed out the stupid people who marry stupid people and raise stupid kids to keep the insane process alive.

I've touched on this in a past blog, but it bears repeating. Aren't you glad the first pioneers, when they looked to go past the Appalachian Mountains, didn't retreat because there wasn't a government rescue squad there to get them out of trouble? I am so glad someone didn't say to them, "Hey, mister! They's be wild injuns on that uther side. Youze crazy to go on out there by yore-self. It's toooooooo dangerous." If it were today, the guy would look back at the man and say..."No rescue team? No government assistance? No government supplied rest stop where I can tinkle? Well, that's pure madness!!!"  And, we wouldn't go.

What kind of country would this be without that pioneering spirit from yesteryear? Look at what it's become with it withering on the vine.

This is how it should have stayed. Family taking care of family. Neighbor taking care of neighbor. Community taking care of community. Nation standing strong, together. Government protecting us from foreign invaders, and leaving us the hell alone, in every other category, to take care of ourselves. Yes, the American spirit today is only a whimper of what it once was.

And, do you know what the worst part of it is? We let it happen with eyes wide open. So, we have no one to blame...but ourselves.