Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Santa Barbara Killer

I watched the last video this idiot made....(I refuse to even use his name)....and have put a lot of thought into it. I wanted to write something after hearing about this guy, who is now gratefully dead, but I wanted to wait and ruminate on it for a while.

First off, people are crap. All people. That includes me. There is something crappy about all of us. There is not one of us that has an ounce of goodness in them.

The problem with this ignoramus, and those of his ilk, is they never look inward. Oh BOO HOO, no girl would sleep with you. Turns out they were right not to. Lord knows we didn't need you breeding and having your mate spitting out a demon worse than those that were in you.

Yes, women are crap and the men they choose are crap and it wasn't fair that you were overlooked. Shut the hell up. There are nearly seven billion of us on this planet, and six billion nine hundred and ninety nine million of us are being overlooked every single day by the majority of the rest. Get over it if you feel like this moron did.

What? You wanted to be famous? You wanted to have a large circle of 'friends' around you that fawned and swooned over your every word? Who did you want to be like? Brad Pitt? Johnny Football? Obama? John Grisham? What a sniveling little worm you are to think you would EVER belong in any class like that. Didn't you ever listen to Nickelback? "You'll be on TV, when it starts to snow in hell." They're right. The vast, vast majority of us aren't even as big as an amoeba when compared to the universe, and you're whining because no girl has spread her legs for you? You were never going to be an 'alpha male' as you claimed killing people would make you. All you ended up being was a headline.

Yet, with all his griping and whining and belly aching, he was closer to the brass ring than most of us will EVER get. His dad was assistant director to one of the most popular movies ever made. He drove a brand new BMW for crying out loud. Hell, all my life I drove Fords and Chevy's and Dodge's that were second hand and nearly dead when I bought 'em. It wasn't until 2007 that I bought a 2001 Jaguar and it wasn't until 2011 that I bought a 2008 Mercedes. He lived in affluence and never had to work a day in his life. Let me trade places with you any day you idiot. I don't know why he didn't go to his dad and say, "Hey my man! How about a thousand so I can get me a high dollar hooker that will do anything I want?" Virginity gone...problem solved.

If there's one thing I've learned in life it's to take responsibility for myself. I make decisions every day, right or wrong...and then I live with them. I...live...with...them. And, I don't blame anybody else on this earth. I had chances and I made choices and that's why I am where I am today...for the most part and wherever that is. But there isn't any individual person out there who made my life what it is. I own it. All of it. To decide that those who have wronged you....whether perceived or real...is unfair and thus they must die, is to be nothing less than evil.

The other night I put my hands around my wife's neck and began to rub it on the sides, the back and the front. She says, "You going to strangle me?" I stopped for a second and said, "I'm an asshole. I'm not evil."

I may berate you. I may yell at you. I may dislike you. I may tell you to take a hike out of my life. But I will never blame another person for the problems in my life. And, neither should any of you. Live with what you have and strive to have more. And I'm not just talking about material things. Work on what you have inside, and strive to make it better. Otherwise, you might become nothing more than a headline....like this idiot. That is all.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Not a Bad Monday

Monday's get a bad rap...and deservedly so. It isn't Monday's fault, it's just the way things were set up. For us, it's the first day of the work week after having a much too short weekend to frolic and play and visit et al. We wonder, as we roll out of bed and lie prostrate on the floor for maybe two more minutes of blissful sleep, why the weekends can't be five days and the work week two? Nevertheless, that isn't the world we live in. So, why bother contemplating it?

I get up this morning at four, as I always do. It isn't that I have to, it's just I can't lay in bed anymore like I did when I was a kid. The old hip bones and knee bones and back bones and shoulder bones....well, you get the picture. They all hurt after about three hours. Naturally, the first thing I do is pretty much the first thing that all octogenarians do when they get up. I walk to the entrance of the bathroom and switch on the light. It turned out to be a good move.

Sasha is our elder cat statesman. He's sixteen and a half years old. Depending on what web site you look at, he's somewhere between eighty-four and eighty-six equivalent years old in human terms. He doesn't hear too good these days, and has gone to sod. He sleeps constantly in this one chair...at the dining table. We feel he's earned the privilege and, after all, he was Lulu's cat. He can do no wrong. Sasha doesn't get in a hurry about anything. He's slow to walk and has a hitch in his giddy-up where his hips are concerned. He's stopped bedding us down at night because it's too hard to jump up on the bed. We put a step-up at the end of it for him, but eventually even that was too much to ask.

The reason it was a good move to turn on the light is because our bathroom is where the litter box is. That's another thing about ancient cats that have been spoiled to their own mental oblivion. They lose their desire to put out too much energy. Sasha doesn't go 'IN' the litter box anymore. He feels as if he's done his catly duty if he just gets close.

Facing the bathroom, the lavatory is to my right. The litter box is to my left. The trail to the toilet is in between and it isn't that wide. With eyelids only a quarter of the way open and my mind still fuzzy and trying to deal with reality and the fact that only a few minutes earlier I was making love to Raquel Welch from One Million B.C., I notice that in order for me to reach the toilet, I have to traverse a cat turd mine field.

Sasha has deposited at least eight cat turds in my path, and it seemed to my blurred vision that they were placed in what soldiers say in military terms a 'spread pattern', which is used to great effect when targeting enemy forces. You see, when dogs crap...they just hunch over and lay a pile. Rarely do they walk around in serpentine fashion with a turd 'plop-plop' machine at their backside, leaving little blobs of day-wrecking death behind them. But, with Sasha? Oh yeah, he doesn't give a damn anymore. In his little pea brain, he's thinking we should be glad he even makes the effort at his age.

My first thought was to try to make it without having to face the disgusting task of picking it all up. I would then use the bathroom, make my escape, turn off the light, and leave my wife to clean it up. I'm not sure who it was...maybe God...but someone slapped me against the back of my head and I heard a voice. It said, "What has she done to you? Pick that up before I shove it up your bee-hind." I was suddenly flushed with guilt for even having the thought. It didn't take long and I was able to keep from being infected by touching any of it. After that, I went about my morning routine without another hitch.

The reason I said it wasn't a bad Monday is because that was the only thing 'bad' that happened to me today. I will testify in court that no one on the road pissed me off, going to and from work. At the job, not one person irritated me, tried to get over on me, blamed me for anything, got on to me about being behind on something or not being somewhere they thought I should have been....AND NOT SAYING ALL OF THAT HAPPENS....and we had no emergencies with the manufacturing processes of our equipment. There were no nasty e-mails, no tense meetings, no in-fighting no politics....I mean to tell you that nothing else went wrong today. Nothing. I know, I know...Monday isn't over yet.

But if midnight rings...and all that went wrong today was I had to help an old cat who used to belong to my deceased daughter...and who is an animal I love as much as a human being? You know what? It wasn't a bad Monday. Not by a long shot.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Nevada Is Why We Have A Second Amendment

Cliven Bundy's family has been ranching on that land since the 1800's. Two years ago most of that land was designated protected territory for some desert tortoise. The Nazi-Feds claim he owes the government over a million dollars.

Okay. So garnish his profits. File suit. Audit him every year. Do something other than what was done, which was to send their Nazi Jack-Booted Gestapo thugs with their tasers, guns and war dogs and intimidate American citizens who are supposed to have certain inalienable rights in this country. Not only did they intimidate them, they assaulted them. Their flimsy excuse for all the force and guns was that the Bundy's had used threatening language. Let me guess...was it AFTER you said you were going to come in and confiscate a good portion of his livelihood? Yeah. I thought so. Don't blame him for using threatening language. If it were YOUR livelihood being threatened, you might do the same.

Once the news got out that another Waco or Ruby Ridge was in the offing, armed militias from several different States began to mobilize with Nevada as their destination.

This was the LAST thing the Democrats needed right now. The potential for actual bloodshed and loss of life on both sides was growing at a rapid rate. If it were to have happened, then the Democrats could have most certainly kissed the Senate goodbye. THAT's why their Nazi Jack-Booted thugs were told to disperse and end the mission.

Yet, it was the danger of armed citizens converging on the area that made them back down. Not armed vigilantes...not armed terrorists...not armed criminals...but armed citizens who rallied when they saw an American's civil rights, liberties and freedoms being trampled on by the Feds is when these fascists backed down. And that's why the founding fathers gave us the right to keep and bear arms. I find it amusing when people tell me that the weapons we have would be no match for the military and police. Maybe not, but we have them by sheer numbers if we want them. The Nazis had the best weaponry and engineering. But the numbers of fifty-some odd countries coming against them was too much. Same would happen here. The Feds almost started a small civil war that would have stained them for years. Without the 2nd amendment and people having arms, they would have NEVER backed down.

Make no mistake, there will never be another Waco incident in Texas. Koresh was already considered a wacko by the people there, and did nothing to intervene. It wasn't until the total horror of everything that happened was revealed that the whole State grew angry at the DEMOCRATIC administration that so ruthlessly trampled on those people's civil rights. The next time Uncle Sam comes to Texas with his Nazi thugs to trample the rights of Texans, they better pack their lunch.

I wonder why it is here lately that when the Democrats are in control of the federal government, American citizens have their rights and liberties trampled and destroyed at their whim. And for what? A tortoise? If this man's family has been ranching on this land since the 1800's and this tortoise is still living there???? The cow's ain't hurtin' him.

Finally, these Gestapo Agents also tried to set up a 'Free Speech Zone' for the protesters. Guess what, MORONS? America...THE WHOLE FREAKIN' COUNTRY...is a free speech zone. Why don't you try reading the Constitution for a change instead of blindly following orders like some other schmucks did over seventy years ago. If it's against the Constitution...you don't do it. Even if it means your job. Even, if it means your life. That's what being an American is all about. It's about Americans and their personal, individual freedoms. Not tortoises.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

2014 Houston Texans

As of now, it doesn't seem to me anything's changed. Is it possible we have Stupiak-Lite? Or, maybe it wasn't Stupiak's interminable insistence to do things his way only and never ever deviate or else suffer the splinters on the bench. Maybe the real villain here is Rick Smith.

Many times in my working life I have seen work-mates who somehow got their claws so deeply imbedded in the boss they could do...or not do...anything they wanted and nary a word was ever said about it when things went disastrously wrong. Yet, let any of the rest of us lose a five cent wing nut and it was a borderline firing offense. This is where I think Rick Smith is with Bob McNair.

How could Rick Smith survive the house cleaning that took place when he was so intimately involved with the workings and personnel on that team? He and Stupiak were joined at the hip from Denver and shared all the decisions made where it came to personnel. Rick Smith is the one who has the organization in a quandary about what to do with a broken quarterback they owe millions to. When a team goes into a season as potential Super Bowl contenders, and then stink it up with a fourteen game losing streak, it's time for a full cleaning of the house. But, not in McNair's eyes. The blood letting was tremendous, but when the guillotine got too dull from chopping heads, Smith's was still on his shoulders. Makes one wonder.

And now, we have free agency come upon us in prep for the 2014 season. In a different kind of way, we have another cleaning, but this is a bloodless type. The Texans opened the door and let the rest of the NFL pick and choose among their free agents. On the surface, this is understandable as it opens up a lot of cap space to pursue your own players to fill the needs you have at various positions. One would logically assume that a 2-14 team would have personnel needs. One would think, anyway. However, the Texans opened the exit door, but never opened the entrance door. They did wake up long enough to sign Garrett Graham...a very good utility tight end. But, he was already a Texan. Our secondary is very suspect, and with the loss of Bryce McCain, it becomes even more suspect. The Texans had a chance at Aqib Talib and Darrelle Revis, but didn't even sniff in their direction. They had a chance at Demarcus Ware and Jared Allen, to compliment J.J. Watt, but poo-pooed the option and turned away.

The fact they didn't even wave a dollar bill in Ware or Allen's direction cements the decision in my mind they are going to pick Jadeveon Clowney. McNair likes him, since I'm sure Rick Smith has infused Uncle Bob's mind with all the dazzling prospects the young man can bring to the defense. It is very possible that Matt Schaub will return, but not probable. If he should come out on the field as the starting quarterback, then we can all assume that Bill O'Brien is insane and get ready for another streak of lost seasons.

No, you can't build a powerhouse through free agency. I think the Texans are right to build up primarily in the draft. But every team needs experience in playing and in winning and that only comes from veteran players that have been there and done it. In my opinion, the 2014 season will not begin like the 2013 season did. There should be no expectation of this team being able to compete if the present regime doesn't have a good draft and a good answer for the quarterback position. If things continue to go this way, look for a 4-12 or a 5-11 season. I'll be watching, and I know that scares them. It really really does.

Monday, February 3, 2014

To Those Who Have Pastors

He knows more of the personal problems of more people than does any gossip columnist, yet he tells no one but God.

He must generate group enthusiasm as does a cheerleader at a disappointingly slow ball game.

He feels the pressure to produce a winning team as does the ball coach.

He is given the responsibility of leading but always from a servant position.

He must give three or more speeches each week to the same general group. He must not be repetitious or boring. He must have fresh, up-to-date materials and data. He must do it without a speech writer or research team.

He must be approachable at all times regardless of his own personal desire to be left alone.

He must teach from a book studied and read by his students, yet he must be fresh and informative.

He must continually sell himself, his company, his produce and, most importantly...his Boss; with the realization ever before him that to fail produces death. He must never get behind in paying his bills; he must dress well; he must drive a clean car; he must have tools to do his job; he must be a leader in his gifts to charitable causes; he must entertain and he must do it all on a salary which is, most of the time, inadequate.

He must be willing to listen to people by the hour; to not know how to enjoy an uninterrupted meal with his family; yet handle his own frustration over lack of time for his wife and children.

His work is so much a part of him that he cannot separate the two.

He is a walking, talking, loving man of God, man of men, man of a family; one who is called "Pastor".

He is trained to preach, to pastor, to administrate, but somewhere someone failed to give him the magic word which changes him into Captain Marvel. He is a man; a good man, but a man. Without the grace of God his load would be too great and he would break.

Some do anyway.

(Ernie Perkins, Former Director of Missions, Capital City Association, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Monday, January 6, 2014

If You Believe Man Causes Global Warming?

Then I have some beachfront property in Arizona I'd like to interest you in. Right now we have the dreaded Polar Vortex screeching down from the North Pole as if Santa just had a bad sneeze. And guess what? Some scientists are blaming it on global warming. Somehow, there's a 'warm' mass over the arctic that somehow generates this fierce coldness that somehow whirls around like a hurricane...but it's not a hurricane...it's a vortex....stay with me here....there's a difference...and then it somehow splits in two, which a hurricane doesn't do but obviously a vortex does, even though the definition of  vortex in the dictionary doesn't mention this symbiotic osmosis cosmic amoeba-like splitting being a part of vortexian activity. Anyway, if it weren't for the 'warm' mass where there is nothing but ice, snow, polar bears and seals that somehow gets created in the cold, then we wouldn't be having all this freakishly cataclysmic bad news for all witches, well-diggers and brass monkeys that includes temperatures that only a penguin would like. And SOMEHOW, this 'freezing to the point of being ridiculous weather' is absolute verifiable proof, (in the minds of some of our greatest scientific minds) that we are in the midst of a crisis-like warming of the planet that will soon kill us all unless we start eating grass and stop driving fossil fuel driven cars and stop burning wood and stop our cows from farting and carry solar panels on our back all day so we can have enough energy to use our iPhones or iPads or whatever young people are hooked on these days. If it weren't so likely to irrevocably change the way we all live....which is in freedom from government oppression....then it might be laughable.  Here's why.

If you've never heard of the Medieval Warm Period, then shame on you. You weren't paying attention in school. This event occurred between 950 and 1250 AD. Now, back in those days we didn't have Channel 13's Meteorologist with his bright shiny teeth and his slicked back hair waving his hand over a computer generated map supplied to him by satellites. Plus, written records in those days are scarce to come by in these days, especially when it's just talking about the weather. Botanical studies, along with archeological finds that revealed abrupt and sustained diet changes among humans and animals, helped to determine conclusively that there was a warming period on Earth that lasted approximately three centuries. We also know that carbon fuel emissions from Hummer's and SUV's didn't cause it. Don't we? Let's hope so. If you go to 'Medieval Warm Period' on Wikipedia, you'll get a big laugh at the second paragraph. In that section, the writer speaks of how much the temperature went off the reservation of normality, and states conclusively that the highest temperatures during the Medieval Warm Period were not as warm as what we are experiencing now. Yet, the writer starts the paragraph off by saying, and I quote..."Despite substantial uncertainties....". WHAT? If there are substantial uncertainties in your data then you CANNOT unequivocally say that the temperatures of today are much warmer than back then. Scientists. You gotta love 'em. Of course, we don't know if a scientist wrote that or not. We have, however, proven he's a moron.

Right after the Medieval Warm Period, was the Little Ice Age. Please tell me you know about that. Yes, not long after the warm period there was a cold period that is referred to as the Little Ice Age. Temperatures were much cooler for several centuries, right up to around 1850. What's funny about this is where our brilliant scientists are as concerns what may have caused it. Pay attention. You're about to get an education.

The Little Ice Age, according to our 'experts', was potentially caused by...(drum roll)....

They don't know. It could have been caused by orbital cycles or decreased solar activity or increased volcanic activity or altered current flows or the inherent variability of global climate or reforestation following decreases in the human population or  WHO THE HELL FREAKIN' KNOWS???!!!

Don't you see the same rule applies here? At this time? On this date? They...don't...know. They will never know. What we DO know is that WE ain't causin' it. Notice one of the causes above? It says, 'the inherent variability of global climate...'. Well I'll be. The inherent variability of global climate. Bingo. They hit the nail on the head and weren't even tryin'. I salute them.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Art of War

“If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril.”
Sun Tzu, The Art of War    

It appears the United States has lost its understanding of what war is all about. In 2004, the United States sent in Marines, along with Iraqi government forces and British forces, to flush out and destroy insurgents in the city of Fallujah. The US casualties were approximately 95 killed and 560 wounded. Now, the news media is reporting that Fallujah has fallen to insurgents once again. John Kerry has said the US will do nothing and that the fight is up to the Iraqi government.

During World War II, the United States knew how to fight a war. After that, we lost our way with Korea and Vietnam, allowing our warfare to be mitigated by political concerns more than with destroying our enemies. In the second world war, Germany was reduced to rubble. After the second nuclear attack on Japan, the Japanese realized they were headed for the same fate as their ally and capitulated without conditions. To emerge victorious, one must completely reduce the enemy's will to fight.

One of the best examples of this has to do with Vlad the Impaler of Dracula fame. In 1462, he was faced with certain defeat when Mehmed II, leader of the Ottoman Turks, approached the Danube with 80,000 men. Vlad could only muster 30,000, but he held 20,000 Turks prisoner from earlier conflicts. When Mehmed II reached the Danube, he and his men saw 20,000 impaled, Turkish corpses on the opposite bank and Mehmed's army refused, out of abject fear, to venture into Wallachia. They returned to Constantinople and Vlad won the battle without drawing a sword.

There is one unalterable truism when it comes to warfare. To defeat violence, you must use greater violence. To hear that Fallujah has once again fallen to those who wish to destroy us and inflict their warped idea of religion upon us all, is a slap in the face to every father and mother who lost a son in that 2004 conflict....or, had sons return who can never walk again, or see again, or think straight again. These people understand one thing when it comes to war, and one thing only. They understand greater strength. How do you think Saddam Hussein was able to stay in power for so long, especially when he was affiliated with the minority Sunnis?

Your next question may be, "So, do we become as evil as he, or as Hitler?"  As if that is a valid question. The United States does not have concentration camps that herd millions of people into the gas chambers and we never have. When has there been an equivalent to the Bataan Death March that can be laid to our charge? Has the US ever shipped thousands of Chinese women to government sanctioned brothels so our soldiers could have comfort sex while they are out and about taking over other lands to keep? When we defeated Japan, did it become a part of the United States as a spoil of war? No, the US is as benevolent a country as has ever been seen in the history of warfare.

Make no mistake, we are still at war with radical Islam. What happened in Fallujah a couple of days ago is a direct result of Iran's intrusion into Iraq's sovereignty. They wish to make it a puppet state so they can get that much closer to their ultimate goal, the destruction of Israel and her allies.

So, what can we do? First, we can stop being ignorant of our enemy. They will not cease fighting until they are forced to stop. The operations our government carried out, both in Iraq and Afghanistan, have been impotent as concerns defeating the enemy. All we have done is instill stop-gap measures that have no hope of stopping anything. Second, we can stop being ignorant of ourselves. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. When I was a child, or even a young adult, I cannot remember seeing muslim women around here. Now? They are everywhere....and I mean everywhere. This religion is only tolerant of others when they are in the minority. But, what happens when they are in the majority? Saudi Arabia is what happens. Iran is what happens. Libya is what happens. Syria is what happens. Egypt is what happens. And I could go on and on. It will happen here one day and I'm glad I won't live to see it.

I know you're waiting. We have shown no real regard for the sovereignty of Iraq for the last twenty years, so why start now? I would give those in Fallujah a week to get out of Dodge. Hundreds of thousands of pamphlets would be dropped, telling them to get out. Once the week was over, I would systematically carpet bomb the city with B52's until it looked like Nuremberg did after the war....nothing but rubble. Then I would say to the terrorists, "Now you can have it." Otherwise, the men who lost their lives and limbs in 2004, made a sacrifice for nothing. Fallujah would cease to exist if it were up to me.

We have reached a point in our history where the vast majority of the world hates us. So be it. That means we have also reached a point where our politicians and our military need to blow the dust off a book written between 544 and 496 B.C. We need to go back to the basics and a time when we knew how to conduct warfare. Nary a peep has been heard from Japan and Germany since they were almost completely destroyed. They have not forgotten. We need to do the same to our new enemies. They want to hide in civilian clothes and in their mosques? Let them. It's harder to claim innocence when they all dress alike and it's easier to destroy them when they hide in their churches like rats. The time for political correctness and winning over the populace should be over. The time to utterly destroy our enemy's will to fight is long overdue.

However, as I said in the beginning of this post, we have lost our way. The Art of War, for us, has been reduced to finger painting. When Pearl Harbor was attacked, there was nothing short of a will to utterly destroy our enemies. When 9/11 happened? Well, you have seen where we are today, and the distance in ideals, between that time and this, are now light years apart. We are, a nation undone.