Saturday, April 12, 2014

Nevada Is Why We Have A Second Amendment

Cliven Bundy's family has been ranching on that land since the 1800's. Two years ago most of that land was designated protected territory for some desert tortoise. The Nazi-Feds claim he owes the government over a million dollars.

Okay. So garnish his profits. File suit. Audit him every year. Do something other than what was done, which was to send their Nazi Jack-Booted Gestapo thugs with their tasers, guns and war dogs and intimidate American citizens who are supposed to have certain inalienable rights in this country. Not only did they intimidate them, they assaulted them. Their flimsy excuse for all the force and guns was that the Bundy's had used threatening language. Let me guess...was it AFTER you said you were going to come in and confiscate a good portion of his livelihood? Yeah. I thought so. Don't blame him for using threatening language. If it were YOUR livelihood being threatened, you might do the same.

Once the news got out that another Waco or Ruby Ridge was in the offing, armed militias from several different States began to mobilize with Nevada as their destination.

This was the LAST thing the Democrats needed right now. The potential for actual bloodshed and loss of life on both sides was growing at a rapid rate. If it were to have happened, then the Democrats could have most certainly kissed the Senate goodbye. THAT's why their Nazi Jack-Booted thugs were told to disperse and end the mission.

Yet, it was the danger of armed citizens converging on the area that made them back down. Not armed vigilantes...not armed terrorists...not armed criminals...but armed citizens who rallied when they saw an American's civil rights, liberties and freedoms being trampled on by the Feds is when these fascists backed down. And that's why the founding fathers gave us the right to keep and bear arms. I find it amusing when people tell me that the weapons we have would be no match for the military and police. Maybe not, but we have them by sheer numbers if we want them. The Nazis had the best weaponry and engineering. But the numbers of fifty-some odd countries coming against them was too much. Same would happen here. The Feds almost started a small civil war that would have stained them for years. Without the 2nd amendment and people having arms, they would have NEVER backed down.

Make no mistake, there will never be another Waco incident in Texas. Koresh was already considered a wacko by the people there, and did nothing to intervene. It wasn't until the total horror of everything that happened was revealed that the whole State grew angry at the DEMOCRATIC administration that so ruthlessly trampled on those people's civil rights. The next time Uncle Sam comes to Texas with his Nazi thugs to trample the rights of Texans, they better pack their lunch.

I wonder why it is here lately that when the Democrats are in control of the federal government, American citizens have their rights and liberties trampled and destroyed at their whim. And for what? A tortoise? If this man's family has been ranching on this land since the 1800's and this tortoise is still living there???? The cow's ain't hurtin' him.

Finally, these Gestapo Agents also tried to set up a 'Free Speech Zone' for the protesters. Guess what, MORONS? America...THE WHOLE FREAKIN' a free speech zone. Why don't you try reading the Constitution for a change instead of blindly following orders like some other schmucks did over seventy years ago. If it's against the don't do it. Even if it means your job. Even, if it means your life. That's what being an American is all about. It's about Americans and their personal, individual freedoms. Not tortoises.

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