Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Little Things

In the Old Testament, the Song of Solomon has a verse that has been proven true in my life more times than I can count. It is a simple saying, which is why the truth of it is so profound for me.

"It is the little foxes that destroy the vine."

Cute, eh? No, it is a dire warning to us all. Another saying that goes along the same path as this would educate us to the fact that one too many straws will break the camel's back. A straw is a small, inconsequential thing in and of itself. But when several strands are placed together and twisted, many now working as one, the straw transforms into a rope. Pile up enough of them, and their weight is unbearable by any animal.

From the time we began to interact with humans outside the confines of our family home, we have been blindsided from one direction or another. A friend betrays you. Another person secretly talks about you to build themselves up. A boyfriend or girlfriend dumps you. All these things have taken us by surprise. And yet, we don't learn. We never learn.

It isn't the big things that kill ya. It's the little things that you're not watching for that pile up and pile up until the camel's back breaks. Except in this particular instance, it isn't a camel's vertebrae we're talking about...it's mine and it's yours. While we're so busy watching for that charging elephant, the mice are chewing the wooden floor from under our feet.

The little foxes were nimble enough to climb the vine and eat the grapes that hanged from it. A baby fox is a very cute and cuddly looking animal. If we could, we would take one home and keep it as a pet. It's lovable and soft and pretty. That isn't the type of monster we have our radar set for. We believe the danger most often resides in the ugly, the offensive and what may be considered the dregs of society. Beauty and pleasantness resides in good. The opposite in bad.

And this is why we have troubles in life. If you presently don't have any troubles, I am very glad for you. However, I have bad news. Trouble is coming. I've heard it said that life can be summed up thusly. You're either in a storm, coming out of a storm, or heading into a storm. My experience has convinced me this is a true statement. But, the storms can be controlled sometimes. If we're looking for them in the right places.

The Song of Solomon verse sticks in my mind and I try to remember its words as often as I can. Still, at times I forget and allow the little things to pile on me until the weight is almost unbearable. Right now, I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm headed into a storm. Of what magnitude I don't know. But if I steer this ship correctly, I may not have to face the full brunt of its force. I just have to remember at all times to be vigilant. To realize, every waking moment, that it's the little things that get you. Not the big ones.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hell's Gunman Update and More

My western novel, Hell's Gunman, is due out in seven more days. I'm on pins and needles. My agent is already working to schedule book signings in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. We are targeting Barnes & Noble and Hastings book stores to start. In the meantime, we are arranging all the plans for our 'I Got Published' party and the tentative date is August 10th.

The screenplay for The Keeper's Dare is in the hands of a Hollywood producer. We were excited when he called my agent and asked for some more background on the story. He stipulated that he's a slow reader, so we don't know when the rejection or acceptance call is coming. But, we're not putting all our eggs in one basket. There are three other producers that she is 'wooing' and we're hoping at least one will give it a look.

The book itself is my best seller, with more than a thousand copies sold. My website has received a few e-mails, one from as far away as Minnesota, telling me how much they enjoyed the book. Amazon has eight reviews of the book and all of them are positive. I hope that if you haven't read it, you'll give it a chance. It's only .99 cents as an e-book, but if you want a signed paperback, just message me on my website, www.robertcoward.com.

Evil Most Holy, my horror novel, is also doing better than expected. I say that because I haven't done any marketing for this book and yet people are buying it. I've sold several copies in the UK...partly because that's where the story is placed...but it has gained some interest here in the States.

As for what's happening on my keyboard now, I'm 40,000 words into another western novel. While doing research, I came upon a real life place that has the most potential I've ever seen for depicting the Wild West in all the brutality that took place during the late 1880's. I'm having a lot of fun writing this one and hope to finish it before the end of the year. In addition, the murder mystery I started is still on hold at 65,000 words. I might finish it at the same time as the new western.

The shortest book I've written, The Grove of Akkadia, I think is my best story-line. It hasn't done as well as the ones I've mentioned already, but I'm planning on marketing it a little more and maybe get some clicks on it. The hero of the story, Sam Harradin, is one of my favorite characters to date. I think it's because, in my opinion, I found the best balance for one's strengths and weaknesses in him. If you check it out, I hope you like it.

My science fiction is completed, but still on the shelf. I will probably be hawking it to publishers in the fall. And, finally, The Last Medal, my fictional crime drama featuring the Houston area, has taken on a little steam. I saw a good uptick on sales this month. I've been told that it's my best work.

Invites will be going out soon for the August 10th party. Be watching your FB messages and e-mails. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Okay....I'm Convinced

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on women in any category you might be able to come up with. This is merely an opinion piece that has no basis in fact...unless you're a guy, a heterosexual and you're not blind.


To me, Elizabeth Taylor, during her Cleopatra hey-day, was the most physically beautiful woman I have ever seen. Her voice was smooth as silk and she moved like a voluptuous cat on the prowl. It was obvious she was hard to live with...by the number of husbands that moved through her revolving door, but I'm not talking about her psyche.

However, Marilyn Monroe is the quintessential picture of sex appeal. The camera loved her and I seriously doubt she had the capability to take a bad photo. Clothed or unclothed, Marilyn Monroe was not only beautiful, but her eyes captivated and her lips invited and her robust figure tantalized any normal, heterosexual man that ever saw her. When she spoke, it was like an innocent girl who could be swayed. Her voice belied a faux pas vulnerability that would make a man raise his eyebrow and think, "Oh yeah, she's a possibility."

Marilyn died August 5th, 1962, and she is still held up as one of the most beautiful women who ever graced the silver screen. Think about it. For the last fifty-one years, her image continues to grace magazines, books, commercials, posters, etc. Her face and form is the most celebrated, and none of the beauties who followed have come close to capturing the imaginations of men like Marilyn Monroe. Until now.

Meet the new queen of beauty and sex appeal. Kate Upton. Now, for you ladies that might be reading this, you can stop now. This post isn't for you. It's for us guys who have nothing better to do than look at women like this and wish we were young once again. This has to be the most beautiful, perfectly packaged, all-in-one sex appeal stick of nuclear dynamite that has come down the pike since Marilyn sang Happy Birthday to John F. Kennedy.

Does she have brains? Who cares? I'll never be within fifty miles of her and even if I was she wouldn't pee on me if I was on fire. That's not the point. Yes, she will get old and those perfect breasts will one day be hanging around her knobby knees and the cellulite will eventually take over and the wrinkles will mar her face and her butt cheeks will sag with the pull of years of constant gravity...but it ain't happened yet, so why harp on what's going to happen.

I readily admit I'm a dirty old man for salivating and slobbering over a 21 year old girl. But, I think I know absolute physical beauty when I see it AND I also know when that beauty is oozing bucket after bucket of sex appeal.

Therefore, I have started the organization called CLONE KATE UPTON FOR EVERYONE. President Obama is being called upon to issue one of his executive order thingys to bring Kate Upton into captivity for the rest of her natural life. Scientists and geneticists will extract her DNA on a daily basis and start re-creating her en masse. Now, Kate Clones will be expensive, so I'm already saving up for mine. The good news is that as the clones are taking shape, they will be brain-wash....er....uh....programmed, to see to your every desire. You know....like baking and cleaning and washing clothes. You want to be the absolute life of this year's company Christmas Party? No problem with Kate Clone 502 hangin' on your arm. You want to be known as BMOC? The news will spread like wildfire when you get one of these babies. Just send $5 to my organization for a full, one year membership. You will receive monthly updates on the progress of your Kate Clone, with chat rooms to discuss with your personally assigned geneticist how to successfully integrate Kate Clone in your happy home. I mean...really guys. Would you really pass up this opportunity? If you say yes, you are either a religious zealot who thinks beauty is a sin, or you're gay. It's that simple.

Seriously, though...my hope is that she doesn't end up like Marilyn or Anna Nicole. The hype that surrounds her every move must be maddening and hard to take. But, that's the life she chose and how glad I am that she did. I don't worship the physical, but I do appreciate it. And in my humble opinion, that body rivals....if not dethrones....Marilyn Monroe's. I can't believe I just said that. I still love ya Marilyn...but you have competition.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ten Conclusions

I have concluded...

1.  I'm the only person in the world that knows how to drive.

2.  That everyone is insane but me. And that worries me that I think that...and that.

3.  When men get older, things begin to break down. I guess that works with women, too.

4.  My place of burial shall remain secret. There are too many of you who would wish to offer me a warm, liquid refreshment once I'm gone.

5.  It is 1984. Not the year. Figure it out.

6.  The creators of the PC game series, Total War, are warlocks of great magnitude and skill. They are to be feared.

7.  That a personal bucket list should be generated. Not for me. But for those I wish to assist in kicking their bucket.

8.  Obama is the beast, Holder is the false prophet, and Biden is...is...well...the Joker.

9.  My liberal friends hate me. Yet...I don't care.

10.  Rick deserves to live out his fantasy with Katie Couric. I shall arrange it.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yes...In Syria It Will Be Different

It is interesting to see the hob-knobbing and bantering back and forth between Congress and the White House over the Syria 'issue'. Even though there are rumors, with some circumstantial evidence, that Obama was already arming the Syrian rebels with spare military parts floating around on the black market in Libya...(which resulted in the Benghazi debacle) we are now going to make our assistance 'formal'.

So, how has intervening in Arab affairs helped us out so far? Bill Clinton bombed the Serbs into absolute submission and stopped a genocidal war being waged on Muslims. They still hate us. Further back, we pulled our support from the Shah of Iran and allowed him to fall to the Iranians' wishes. They thanked us by taking our embassy personnel hostage. We supplied the Mujahadeen with shoulder fired stinger missiles and evened the playing field between them and the Soviets. They still hate us. In fact, one of their leaders, Osama bin Laden...who benefitted from the help...went on to write a bloody story against us. We saved the Kuwaitis, who still hate us. Our oilfield technology took them from living in tents and drinking soured goat milk to living in palaces and driving cars made of silver. They still hate us. We removed a ruthless dictator and his two maniacal sons so the people could be free (not the real reason, but just go with it) and they only want to kill us. We removed the merciless Taliban from power in Afghanistan, and yet they wish only to destroy America. We give billions and billions of dollars in aid to the Egyptians, the Jordanians, the Saudis, the Iraqis, the Afghanis and a lot more I probably don't know about....and they shout 'Death to America'.

In fact, there's only one type of person they hate worse than an infidel. If you're a Sunni, you hate Shi'ites. If you're a Shi'ite, you hate Sunnis. Depending on which side of the fence you're on, one or the other is an apostate; worthy only of death at most, being shunned as second rate at best. So, we've been having this tiff in Iraq ever since Saddam fell from power. He was Sunni...the minority, and his power kept the Shi'ites at bay. Assad, in Syria, is Shia...and the majority. But now, his enemies have risen on all sides, and he is in mortal trouble.

These blood feuds have been going on for centuries. The Arabs have taken 'an eye for an eye' all the way to 'Professional Level' when it comes to revenge. There is nothing America can do...nothing....to stop them from killing each other. Right now, we're pretty damned busy trying to keep them from killing us.

There is an old saying. When you see your enemies at war, rest easy and be content. But when you see them of one mind, place rocks on the ramparts and arrows in the quarrel. What I'm seeing in Syria is my enemies at war. Why then are we ramping up to get involved, yet again, in a game we have no skin in. Egypt's own government has informally sanctioned jihad against Assad, and has as much as said it will not punish Egyptians who go there to fight and then return. Egypt is turning on Syria. Saudi Arabia won't intervene. Neither will Jordan.

How did our helping overthrow Qaddafi make friends? We lost a consulate and four Americans in thanks. In what way did our withdrawal of support for Mubarak endear us that much more to the Egyptian people?

The definition of insane...as I'm sure you've heard before...is to continue to do the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. If that is true, which I believe it is, then our government needs to be locked up in the proverbial padded room. To even begin to believe that any involvement on our part in Syria will turn out differently, we'll lock you up with the government.

The thinking seems to be, 'We have to do something!' My question is...why? Why do American sons have to...once again...be put in harm's way to help those who hate us. Getting involved in Syria's civil war is to poke our nose into a hornet's nest that is none of our business. Support Israel, blockade the Syrian coast to keep it fair, and let 'em duke it out. Other than that, let me know what happens when the smoke clears.

Is There Anything We Don't HAVE to Accept?

Not only that...but if we don't accept it, do we HAVE to be quiet about it? Let's take religion for example. If I'm a member of the Zodiacal Cosmic Convergence of Sexual Freakoids Baptist Church, there's a reason for it. That reason, or reasons, could be that I firmly accepted the doctrine that when we die, we all go to the planet Ettanerblatternut and become six legged, fourteen eyed, whiskey soaked blubber people who only eat Fig Newtons. Now, on the flip side, I might have an IQ of 190 and work as a physicist who has just proven Einstein's theory of relativity to be a load of crap. So, I'm pretty smart on one end, and kind of quirky on the other. Does that make me ignorant? Does my belief system mean that even though it is out of the mainstream, I must be silent on the belief systems of others?

One of the reasons people get aggravated when their faith is challenged is because they don't know that much about it to begin with. I remember speaking with a man named Elvis one day (no kidding) and he told me he believed in reincarnation. I responded that I thought that was very interesting and asked him how he came to the conclusion that this belief system was for him. I will swear in court that he said, "Oh, I don't know...it just sounds good." He had done no research, no study, no reading up on the subject, yet was willing to stake his eternal condition on something that just 'sounded' good to him.

Paul the Apostle had a word of wisdom for us in this area. He said we, as Christians, should always be ready to make a defense of our faith. I find most Christians woefully ill prepared to do this because they haven't studied, they haven't researched and they haven't 'read' up on what they are supposed to be in the world of Christianity. Paul also showed us that when we do make a defense of our faith in the face of other religions and their philosophies, you might get stoned and thrown out of town. The stoners and throwers are the ones who have no counter-defense and must resort to violence; even if it's just the name calling variety. I know I have already won the argument when the opposition resorts to name calling. They do that...because they have nothing else.

If I am a member of the ZCCSFBC, I must be ready to defend my doctrine. Not only that, I must know what is coming. That is why I study other religions, their books and doctrines so that I might be well prepared and informationally armed to meet the attack. I admire the Mormons and the Jehovah's Witnesses, for when they knock on your door, they are trained combatants. Not only that, they are committed believers in their religion....more so than many mainstream denominations I can mention.

So, if you come to me as a Jehovah's Witness....I'm prepared for you. Four times they have knocked on my door and four times they have walked away with a real Bible instead of their New World Translation fictional version. They have walked away with a renewed outlook on who God really is and that he ISN'T the one in their book. Mormons leave dismayed after I state my case, and wonder whether they have been told the truth by their religious tutors. If you're going to go into the world to ply your faith, be ready for some kickback. The reason is that I don't have to accept your religion and I don't have to be quiet about why I don't accept it. It's not called 'bashing', it's called being ready to make a defense. If that defense is made, and you resort only to name calling, then you have lost the debate and the foundation you believed was so solid has now turned into sand underneath your feet.

On the flip side of the coin, you don't have to believe in the ZCCSFBC and you can reject it and state your reasons for doing so with any style of reckless abandon you choose. If I am firm in my belief and I know why I believe it, it matters not to me what you think. Why should it? And, if you don't accept my belief system, does that mean we cannot be friends and have a civilized discussion about our differences without reverting to a juvenile exchange of name calling?

The muslims certainly don't believe in Christianity, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witness (if you weren't aware, there is a definite distinction between Mormonism/Jehovah's Witness and Christianity...if you want to know what that is, get in touch with me), Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism et al, and will kill you for being an infidel. They, also, are well taught and are fanatical about Islam. But, just because they look at the rest of us with hatred, does that mean we must accept their religion as legitimate and be silent? By no means. And, if you are anti-Islam and pro-ZCCSFBC, why is that a bad thing to prefer your beliefs over those of another AND state your reasons for thinking so?

I don't accept liberalism, pro-choice, amnesty for illegals, big government, over-taxation, gay marriage, etc. That doesn't mean that I hate people that are FOR those things or that I am actively trying to prevent those things. It means, as an individual, I have made decisions as concerns what I think makes a better society as a whole and keeps intact the morals and principles that I hold dear. Just like those who are for those things. It doesn't mean we have to be enemies or that we have to throw down the gauntlet and draw swords. It just means we have different perspectives on the same things. That's all it means. No apologies, from either side, is necessary.

The fact is, we have been blessed to be born in a country where we can make up our own minds and set our own course in life. I don't have to accept anything you are for, and you don't have to accept anything I am for. But, at the same time, if I speak out against what you are for, that doesn't make me ignorant, or stupid, or clueless....until you prove otherwise. To come right back and say that I am ignorant, without putting forth a reasonable argument in refutation, with facts....means you just don't get the true meaning of living in a free society. None of us should be immune from having any of our beliefs questioned...no matter in what area. Dialogue is always good when it is carried out in a mature manner.

So, the answer is, not only do we not have to accept what other people believe, we also don't have to keep quiet about it. And if we do speak up, don't take it personally. Not everybody is going to think just...like...you. Deal with it.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

If You Listen to Glen Beck...Please Stop.

If there was ever a blight on conservative talk radio it has to be Glen Beck. I think the best way to describe him would be to picture a lamprey eel with the face of Glen Beck. He's not only sucking money out of those of you who listen to him, he's also sucking on your brain, taking as much grey matter from you as he can. I turned on my radio yesterday and it happened to be on a station that sometimes peaks my interest and his show was on. It is plain to 'hear' that he's either borderline neurotic or dumb as a fox; or both.

When I got home I did a little internet snooping on this dude and found out quite a bit. This guy's mind is as mixed up as a bowl of trail mix. While he espouses limited government, less taxes, more freedoms and liberties, etc etc...all the things I am for....Glen Beck, in my opinion, is really not for any of those things. Glen Beck is for...well...Glen Beck.

He comes from a family of suicides and alcoholism. Beck, by his own admissions, was a drug addict, alcoholic, mental case, himself a suicide contemplator, and went through the gamut of religions until he found the one that makes the least sense but offers the greatest amount of support if you get in good with it, and that's Mormonism. If one truly goes into the Book of Mormon and performs an honest investigation, (as I have done), they will find a plethora of nonsensical gibberish as well as a poor writing style. The Book of Mormon talks about mountain ranges and rivers and other geographical locations in North America that don't exist. They simply don't exist. It talks about these major cities that existed, but we can't find one shred of evidence they were ever here. I could go on and on, but for a man like Glen Beck....who claims to be this investigative genius into all the ills in our country and espouses himself as one who is leading the attack for all things 'good' and 'benevolent', he has proven...simply by his association with the Mormon Church, that when it came to the religion he was going to stake his life and eternal soul to....he didn't do one thing to really check them out. The Bible says in Revelation to not add one thing to its contents, yet the Mormons claim their book is the latest addition. Hmmmm.  While you can't find any archeological evidence to prove anything the Book of Mormon says, in and around the Levant (Israel), they are still digging up items that prove the Bible is historically, geographically and archeologically correct. One can bathe in the Jordan River or fish in the Sea of Galilee. You can walk the streets of Jerusalem and visit the ruins of Jericho. Want to visit any of the places mentioned in the Book of Mormon? You can't find any of them with a federal search warrant.

The traits he exhibits on his show are all stolen from other tried and true presenters on the radio and television. He has said several outlandish things on the air and then had to backtrack and apologize. He's a bigot and a charlatan, in my mind, and has found his niche to riches by preying on those of us who 'honestly' believe America is being taken over by those who wish to strip her of her wealth and prominence in the world.

Glen Beck's message is one that needs to be shunned by all conservatives. I honestly believe he is a devious human being who wishes to instill fear among his listeners in order to gain more and more personal wealth. While I am not against having extensive personal wealth, I do have a problem with the way he's going about it. 

So, if you listen to Glen Beck and you like him, that's your prerogative. However, I would ask you to do a little research, find out more about this man, and then make a choice that is based on the complete picture of him. He should not be in the position he is in now, in my opinion, and to listen to his drivel is to pollute your mind. My advice? If you turn on your radio and you hear his voice....go to Rock 'n Roll. It will be more uplifting and will probably contain more truth in the first line of the song you hear than if you listened to Beck for a  year. Just sayin'.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Edward Snowden: Traitor? Patriot? Or a Simple Criminal.

Edward Snowden has become the face of whistleblowers. He has also become the face for treasonous activity. Let me tell you why I admire him. First, he has a pole dancer for a girl friend. That says a lot about this guy. Second, he decided to leave everything behind and risk his freedom to do what he felt was right. Not many of us are willing to go that far with our beliefs. Third, he's smart enough to do what he did, skip the country, and find ways to hide. Hard to do in today's world. Now, remember, one can be against someone and still admire them.

So what is he? Other than being a young man with a good eye for the ladies, we don't know much else about him. What we do know is that he poked a burning stick into the eye of the Obama administration and the NSA. And, it hurt. As Lucy back in the '50's, Clapper has a lot of s'plaining to do.

Boehner has come out and declared Snowden a traitor. My question is, a traitor to whom? A traitor to this administration that has done more to harm the fabric of the Constitution than any other president before Obama? He can't be considered a traitor to the American people because he let us know that our government has shattered the fourth amendment and blanketed us all with a general warrant to collect data without probable cause. That's a biggie, if you ask me. I heard on the news where a senator likened it to one of the reasons why our Revolution took place. The British issued general warrants that allowed their soldiers to come into anyone's home and conduct searches and seizures on mere whims of impropriety. Why do you think the fourth amendment exists in the first place?

Then, there are many around this country that refer to Snowden's actions as patriotic. I also think that is a stretch. While it did 'out' the NSA's un-Constitutional actions, and allow all of us to know what the hell has been going on, Snowden could have taken another route that wouldn't have put his freedom in jeopardy. Snowden signed a document where he promised he would not divulge classified information or he could be punished with the fullest extent of the law. If he wanted the truth to come out, he could have claimed 'whistleblower' status/protection and taken his findings to the appropriate, Congressional committee. I know there was a chance he would have disappeared and the whole matter swept under the rug, but it would have been the right course. If he's so interested in doing the right thing, he should have gone all the way with that line of thinking. The risk to himself, his citizenship, his reputation and his freedom would have been a lot less. I appreciate the knowledge we now have about this activity, but the method Snowden chose leaves a black mark on his record.

What Snowden is, in my mind, is a criminal for having divulged classified information to a UK news source. The Washington Post refused his demands in publishing all forty-plus images he wanted. The Guardian had no problem with it. Now, if he had given the information to the Tehran Daily, that would have made it much more serious. Giving classified info to our enemies is a big no-no. In a roundabout way, that's what he ended up doing. I'm sure the Iranians read the Guardian. If not, they are now. He broke the law by taking the info to the press, first. Now, had he gone to Congress and they did nothing, then that changes the whole spectrum of the situation.

He was a traitor to the NSA, but not the American people. His 'patriot' status is in question because he exposed the activity without the courage to face the music. He doesn't quite stand up to Patrick Henry's 'Give me Liberty or give me death.' Henry stayed and faced the British music. Snowden ran like a chicken from the butcher's hatchet. He ran because he knew he hadn't done what he did in the right way and there would be serious consequences to follow. No, Snowden is nothing more than a common criminal on the run. I'm grateful he exposed the heinous action. He just went about it the wrong and unlawful way. There's never an excuse for that, no matter how 'right' the outcome.

Monday, June 10, 2013

You're Going to Eat....WHAT???

For someone like me who is always trolling the newswire, it's impossible to escape the varied and numerous stories about Kim Kardashian. Ninety-five percent of this country is obsessed with 'Ole Big Ass', as I like to call her, and it boggles my mind. But, the other day I read where she is planning, or wants to plan, to do something after she gives birth to her baby, and it shocked me to the core. So, I did a little research and found a disturbing trend....at least to me.

It seems that 'placenta' eating is becoming quite the fad. Yep, you heard me. There are enough mothers in this country who want to eat their placentas that their is even a Placenta Cookbook. Just thinking about it makes me want to hurl chunk after chunk after chunk....after chunk.

So, how would this work? The mom-2-B goes in the delivery room with an ice chest and a doggie bag? While blowing little wisps of air between her puckered lips, she says, "Please put my after birth in the doggie bag and then in the ice chest. I'm going to need something to eat after this is over." Afterwards, you get a Placenta Chef to come to your house and 'prepare' this stuff Hibachi style? What do you put on a placenta? What 'sides' would go well with placenta? How does human flesh smell when it's being stir fried? These are questions I must have answers to.

I know that animals in the wild eat their placentas. I don't know why, and don't want to know why. I just know they do. But, I have news for you.....WE AREN'T YOUR EVERYDAY ANIMAL!!! All this type of news does is tell us that we are not moving upwards on the evolutionary scale, becoming more enlightened and equipped for that next step in the process...whatever that is. If anything, we are de-evolving. Has anyone ever heard of cannibalism? This is even worse than that. This is self-cannibalism, of a sort.

I don't care how many proteins, vitamins, cancer fighting minerals, or even sex explosion effects eating a placenta gives you....it's just gross and isn't indicative of having a sound mind if you do it. It's sick, sick and sick; at many levels of disgusting. This argument women have that it's my body and you can't tell me what do with it has just gone over the proverbial Niagra Falls of Ridiculous.

If my wife served herself up a good ole helping of placenta at the dinner table, I would have never kissed her again. In fact, I would have started sleeping in the next room with a gun in my hand...not under the pillow. It's creepy. Creepy, creepy, creepy. The next thing you know they'll be wanting to take their aborted babies for the big Bar-B-Que next weekend. HEY! If placenta eating is okay, what's to keep them from doing that? Remember, it's not a human being, by law, and it's just dead flesh....in their mind...so let's eat!!!

Now, if you think aborted baby bar-b-que's are disgusting, it ain't a big leap for ya to think placenta eating is just as bad. If not, then let's start eating everything. After a transplant of some organ, put it in the ice chest and take it home with ya. Fire up the ole grill and get to cooking that heart, lung, liver or kidney. Let's all just turn into a bunch of cannibals and call it being enlightened.

If this was confined to only Kim Kardashian, I would chalk it up as an idiot twit in California blowing crap our of her piehole to get attention...which is really what it is for her. But, when I read that is something going on around the country, it tells me that things aren't just wrong with people....it's worse than what we thought. I just can't wrap my mind around it. Bon appetite, I guess.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

An Open Society in a Dangerous World

The lives and sacrifices are really too numerous to count for us to pay significant homage, to those who laid the foundation of this free and open society. Our lives were blessed the moment we were born in this country. It is, without a doubt...and even with all her faults...the greatest that has ever existed.  Our freedoms and liberties were forged in the fire of justified revolt, and penned by the hands of almost god-like men who were alive well ahead of their time. Their experiences taught them that government is a necessary evil that could not be taken completely out of the hands of the citizens who lived under it. They knew that no matter how careful they were, there might come a time when all of their checks and balances would be challenged in the future, and the civil rights and liberties of its people might be put at grave risk.

The United States Government, as we see it today and over the last twelve years, has morphed into what can best be described as a multi-headed hydra, each one acting independently of the other with no real sense of morality or justice. When one head is cut off, it grows two more, becoming twice as deadly to those it faces. Its only objective today is to gain more and more power over us all. The phone record scandal is as poisonous as the IRS scandal in that it involves data collection without probable cause. That is in direct violation of the fourth amendment. The reason being proffered to us is that it is for our security and our safety. Yes, history has a dark and dreaded tale to tell about governments that have used this tac to foment greater control over what it wishes to change from citizens to subjects.

It is the government's main job to protect us. It is there, primarily, to maintain a standing army to repulse invaders and other threats to our national security. As technology evolves and more threats appear, it must also evolve to counter those threats and use that technology to keep one step ahead of our enemies. But, and it's a big BUT, it must do so within the confines of the Constitution, the written law of the land, and with a moral compass. The reason is because we live in a free and open society. If anything should be of utmost importance to our government, it should be to keep us free and open so we can pursue life, liberty and happiness the way we see fit under the law.

We cannot, as a whole, agree with the present administration that there must be a trade-off if we are to be kept safe. I summarily reject such an argument, since the alternative of acquiescing to it means we come under a stronger arm of control. The president this week says we must trust our government. That is true, if it shows us it is trustworthy. When the government starts attacking the press, politically targeting groups that is peacefully opposed to it, refuses to protect our ambassadors, gleans phone records of millions of Americans in secret, runs guns to the drug cartels without the Mexican government's knowledge (which is NOT what the Bush administration was doing), grants hundreds of millions of dollars to green energy projects that are run by government connected cronies, uses the EPA to attack legitimate companies operating within the law, and wishes to undermine our national sovereignty by opening our borders to any and all....there is little reason to trust this government. When the Attorney General refuses to answer the question of whether or not Congressmen and Senators have had their calls and e-mails monitored, there is little reason to trust this government. When Lois Lerner claims innocence, and then pleads the fifth, and remains silent, there is little reason to trust this government. When the DHS purchases literally a billion hollow point bullets...that are NEVER used in training ( I know since I was in law enforcement for a time)...there is little reason to trust this government.

What the United States Government needs to understand is that it can't stop all that ails us. Further, I...along with millions of others...don't want it to if it means our personal privacy is intruded upon and the data of who we are talking to and how often, is collected and maintained in a data base for further scrutiny.

I would rather live in a free and open society, replete with the consequences of what that means when a dangerous world surrounds us....than be 'safe' with a police state overseeing all I do, where I do it and with whom. The openness we enjoy...the freedoms, the liberties and the privacy...is more important to me than life itself. If some terrorist happens to take me out....I would rather die that way...a free man...than be smothered by a tyrannical government for the rest of my days. The fact is, none of us are going to get out of this life alive. None of us can choose (except for the suicidal), when how or where we are going to die. But, we can choose in what state we are in when that time comes. I don't want my government to choose that state for me. I was born under the banner of freedom for all. That's how I want to die. So, the NSA can jump off a cliff as they trumpet the goodness in what they are doing. It isn't a good thing. It's the growth of new hydra head, and it will bite us all if we let this attack on our liberties stand.