Monday, June 10, 2013

You're Going to Eat....WHAT???

For someone like me who is always trolling the newswire, it's impossible to escape the varied and numerous stories about Kim Kardashian. Ninety-five percent of this country is obsessed with 'Ole Big Ass', as I like to call her, and it boggles my mind. But, the other day I read where she is planning, or wants to plan, to do something after she gives birth to her baby, and it shocked me to the core. So, I did a little research and found a disturbing least to me.

It seems that 'placenta' eating is becoming quite the fad. Yep, you heard me. There are enough mothers in this country who want to eat their placentas that their is even a Placenta Cookbook. Just thinking about it makes me want to hurl chunk after chunk after chunk....after chunk.

So, how would this work? The mom-2-B goes in the delivery room with an ice chest and a doggie bag? While blowing little wisps of air between her puckered lips, she says, "Please put my after birth in the doggie bag and then in the ice chest. I'm going to need something to eat after this is over." Afterwards, you get a Placenta Chef to come to your house and 'prepare' this stuff Hibachi style? What do you put on a placenta? What 'sides' would go well with placenta? How does human flesh smell when it's being stir fried? These are questions I must have answers to.

I know that animals in the wild eat their placentas. I don't know why, and don't want to know why. I just know they do. But, I have news for you.....WE AREN'T YOUR EVERYDAY ANIMAL!!! All this type of news does is tell us that we are not moving upwards on the evolutionary scale, becoming more enlightened and equipped for that next step in the process...whatever that is. If anything, we are de-evolving. Has anyone ever heard of cannibalism? This is even worse than that. This is self-cannibalism, of a sort.

I don't care how many proteins, vitamins, cancer fighting minerals, or even sex explosion effects eating a placenta gives's just gross and isn't indicative of having a sound mind if you do it. It's sick, sick and sick; at many levels of disgusting. This argument women have that it's my body and you can't tell me what do with it has just gone over the proverbial Niagra Falls of Ridiculous.

If my wife served herself up a good ole helping of placenta at the dinner table, I would have never kissed her again. In fact, I would have started sleeping in the next room with a gun in my hand...not under the pillow. It's creepy. Creepy, creepy, creepy. The next thing you know they'll be wanting to take their aborted babies for the big Bar-B-Que next weekend. HEY! If placenta eating is okay, what's to keep them from doing that? Remember, it's not a human being, by law, and it's just dead their let's eat!!!

Now, if you think aborted baby bar-b-que's are disgusting, it ain't a big leap for ya to think placenta eating is just as bad. If not, then let's start eating everything. After a transplant of some organ, put it in the ice chest and take it home with ya. Fire up the ole grill and get to cooking that heart, lung, liver or kidney. Let's all just turn into a bunch of cannibals and call it being enlightened.

If this was confined to only Kim Kardashian, I would chalk it up as an idiot twit in California blowing crap our of her piehole to get attention...which is really what it is for her. But, when I read that is something going on around the country, it tells me that things aren't just wrong with's worse than what we thought. I just can't wrap my mind around it. Bon appetite, I guess.

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  1. Speechless..... disgusting........ mind blogging..... I am convincing myself more and more that the human race will end up destroying itself.....