Thursday, June 28, 2012

America in Crisis

Definition of CRISIS: a condition of instability or danger, as in social, economic, political, or international affairs, leading to a decisive change.

The news media is always putting something before us that is shaped to frighten us or show disasters and upheavals in our country and around the world that peak our interest enough to watch or read what they are reporting. Most of the time it is just hype. However, since the turn of the century, it looks as if the world is spiraling out of control. And, more importantly, the United States is in a moment of flux that could determine the very survival of our Constitution and freedoms. I am not speaking solely of Barak Hussein Obama. The situation in this country is far more complex than he, even though Obama could be a catalyst for things to come. When reading the definition of crisis, I could see that every item mentioned has a place in dissecting the woes in our country right now.

First, there are ingredients being mixed together right now that can probably create a cake of instability in this country; even danger to us all. In the 1970's, we had a President who was intent on creating an Imperial Presidency. His name was Richard Nixon. Thanks to a press that was objective and not openly on any political ideology's side, he was brought down and forced to resign. But what this did was open a newfound disrespect for the office and for the Federal Government at large. When Gerald Ford took over the White House, the first thing he did was to pardon Nixon. This action effectively doomed him from being elected as the next president. It further solidified the view among the press and the majority of Americans that the Federal government couldn't be trusted. It also fueled an even greater animosity between the two predominant parties that has only grown worse over the years. Since 2000, America has been attacked by both foreign and domestic terrorists. America has invaded two countries that did not attack us first. The arab spring uprisings have seen the fall of dictators and despots, only to have the vacuum suck up into power those who are probably more evil than the ones who were replaced. Iran is allegedly developing nuclear weapons. China is flexing her naval power muscles and is emerging as a dominant economic force in the world. Mexico is falling into a state of anarchy, as the drug cartels work out their bloodthirst and greed with impunity. The world economic status is crumbling, with entire countries going bankrupt due to the entitlements they have lavishly poured on their citizens so those in power could remain there. Now, Greece and Spain have been presented with the bill of sumptuous spending and must crawl to the richest of Europe seeking help. Britain and Germany and France are taxing their people to death, with no end in sight. Then, there is America. Stockton, California, with a population of nearly 300,000, is declaring bankrupty. Governor Jerry Brown of California, a Democrat, sees the only solution to his State's financial woes is to raise taxes. Right now, California is in the top bracket for enslaving its citizens under burdensome and draconian taxes. All this will do is drive hundreds of thousand out of that State as they try to escape the hardship. Instead of cutting back on spending, they want more of what we the people have. Arizona is in a Defcon 1 condition concerning illegal aliens. I'm offended when they refer to them as immigrants. They are criminals who blatantly thumb their nose at our laws and soveriegnty. The Federal Government has refused to stem the tide, and has openly declared war on Arizona for trying to protect itself. The Supreme Court is under attack by the White House and the Democratic Party. Florida has been sued by the Department of Justice because they want to make sure that people who vote there are legitimate citizens. Fortunately, a federal judge appointed by Bill Clinton has ruled against the DOJ, and Florida is free to make sure that only those who are citizens of this country can vote in our elections. Obama and his democratic cronies have signed into law a health care system that will require all Americans to buy medical insurance and suffer a fine if they don't. The Supreme Court will announce today whether they believe it is Constitutional or not. Obama has openly stated that he can't get anything done because of Congress. He openly complains about the processes of our government, denouncing those who do not follow in step with him. Did he not know this is how our founding fathers set things up? Was he not aware that our government was forged to NOT be efficient, but to have enough checks and balances that no ONE branch could have complete power and control? The Attorney General refuses to give Congress papers that have been lawfully subpoena'd, and will now be the first AG to be held in contempt in the history of this country. Republicans look like Democrats and Democrats look like Republicans. Everyone in Washington D.C. believes they have been sent there to rule us instead of represent us. Fully armed soldiers walk the streets of Everytown, USA performing drills, instead of doing this on their own military bases. Why is that? Soldiers have no business patrolling our streets. That is the job of the local police. In my humble estimation, our country is racing pell mell to a condition that will rob us of the freedoms and liberties we hold most dear. The rest of the world is turning to radical Islam or is going broke or is rising to power with iron clad communist ideals as their foundation. Once they all reach the apex of their power, and those who are our allies succumb to the idiocy of entitlements and go bankrupt; America will be surrounded by enemies who want what we have. America will be inundated with illegals who have no desire to become Americans but only to rape America of what she has. Right now, you can drive in certain areas of Houston and see signs only in Spanish, with Mexican national flags waving proudly on each side of the street. These people do not want to be assimilated into our society and culture. They do not want to be Americans. They only want what America has. We are the only country that allows, and even invites, people to stream across our borders and get the free stuff. They are treated better than our own citizens. When you put all this together, we are indeed in a crisis. A crisis on every level and by every definition. And, I believe it is a crisis that will only grow worse. Regardless of who is in power and regardless of who takes residence in the White House. The fat lady ain't warmin' up....she's near the end of her song.

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