Saturday, November 17, 2012

If You Believe the Bible...Don't Worry About Israel

The Palestinian hatred for the Jews is so intense they can't see the forest for the trees. Actually, I feel sorry for them. I also feel sorry for any other country, State, sect, ethnic group or individual who have the same mind set that the Palestinians do. Here's why.....

God told the the Bible...that when he brought them back into the Promised Land ( which happened in 1948), that they would never be dispelled from it (as happened in 70 A.D. when Titus of Rome decimated the country and rid it of Jews) again. The Palestinians tried to dislodge them in 1948, along with help from other Arabs, and failed. The Arabs tried again in 1967, and it only took six days for the Jews to pummel them all into the dirt, taking the Sinai Peninsula, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights in the process. The Arabs tried again in 1973 and the Jews won again. I think it was around 1982 when the Jews and the Syrians had a massive dogfight. The Syrians lost 80+ Russian Migs and the Jews lost an American made A4 Phantom to ground fire. That's right, 80+ to 1. Saddam Hussein was building some bad stuff a little later and the Jews flew over and bombed his bad stuff to oblivion. They didn't lose a plane. Several Jews were kidnapped by terrorists and flown to Uganda where the dictator Idi Amin gave the terrorists refuge. A bunch of Israeli commandos flew over there and rescued them, killing all the terrorists, more than 20 Ugandan soldiers, and lost one man. Do you see a pattern here? Those that hate the Jews sure don't. I guess they view it as a terrible string of bad luck that's gotta change some day. Eh?

Hate is a terrible thing. It consumes you, possesses you and twists your mind to such a blind rage that nothing else matters but the destruction of the object of your hatred. It doesn't matter that your people live in poverty. It doesn't matter that your people die in greater numbers than those you hate. It doesn't matter that your infrastructure is of such a nature that the poorest peasants in other countries have better living conditions. No, all that matters is the death and destruction of what you hate.

The Palestinians are considered half breeds by the Arab world. The are cousins to the Jews, and have hated each other for millenia. The Arabs don't want them, and they, in turn, don't want to live in harmony with their relatives. They are a thorn in the side of every Arab country. If only the Jews were gone, then the Palestinians could have the land back and stop their incessant whining to their Arab cousins. So, in their mind, the best option is the total annihilation of the least from Palestine.

I have bad news for them. It ain't gonna happen. The Jews are a miracle. In no other case of recorded history has a people been totally dispersed from their country and spread to the four corners of the world, living among other cultures, other religions, other languages and NOT been assimilated into that least not a people who had been dispersed for 2000 years. The Jews kept their language intact, their culture intact, their religion intact and their national identity intact; even while learning the language of those they lived with, prospered among them, and even fought beside them when called on to do so. No others have been able to accomplish this, and there are others that lived, prospered, were conquered and disappeared among their conquerors.

One Adolph Hitler did his best to eradicate the Jews and instead opened the door for their return to Israel. God surely raised up the power of the United States to be their protector on Earth, for our country is the only TRUE ally they have. America's advanced technology over all other nations has supplied Israel with the best planes, the best tanks, the best missiles, the best ships, the best radar and yes, possibly even the best nuclear weapons...they just don't crow about it. What do the Palestinians have? They have AK-47's, RPG's, suicide bombers, unguided rockets, some anti-tank missiles and....hate. Who's side do YOU think God is on?

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Palestinians are ignorant in the way they approach Israel. The one thing they need more than money, more than weapons, more than resolve, and especially more than hate is....patience. Think what would happen if the Palestinian leadership offered Israel an olive branch of peace. Signed a peace treaty. Declared Israel's right to exist. They wouldn't have to mean any of it. But, by laying down their weapons and acquiescing to the West's demands, money would flow to them in unprecedented amounts. For the next twenty years they could rebuild, enhance their economy, be admitted to the UN, become prosperous the Nazis did after WWI, quietly build up their offensive military capability. They would have the money and the wherewithal to build and build and build until they had the actual power to take Israel on and, at least on paper, have an odds on chance of winning. But, it will never happen. Their hatred blinds them with a blood lust that cannot be put on hold. Like a child having a temper tantrum, they want their candy now, now, now and will not stop screaming...regardless of the cost or consequences...until they get it. Well, they've been screaming since 1948 and they still don't have their candy. They have tried to get it by way of the gun, the bomb and the blood of their own and any who might stand in their way. The oft quoted definition of 'insanity' truly applies with the Palestinians.

So, don't worry about Israel. Even though the whole world comes against them...which one day it will...God's word will not fall nor fail. Therefore, neither shall Israel.

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  1. Think what would happen if Christians and Jews started launching rockets at Mecca in retaliation for Muslims launching rockets at Jerusalem! See how quickly this nonsense comes to a stop!