Sunday, November 4, 2012

Obama's Checklist thru 2016 Should He Win

Bad Economy:                             Bush's fault.   Check
No Jobs:                                       Bush's fault.   Check
Increase in Terrorism:                  Bush's fault. Check
High Gas Prices:                           Bush's fault. Check
High Tax Increases:                     Bush's fault. Check
Higher Insurance Premiums:        Bush's fault. Check
Congressional Deadlock:              Bush's fault. Check
Increase in Crime:                         Bush's fault. Check
Lower Pay f/Those w/Jobs:          Bush's fault.  Check
Higher Student Tuitions:              Bush's fault.   Check
Rising Inflation:                            Bush's fault.   Check
Housing Crisis:                             Bush's fault.   Check
Medicare Default:                         Bush's fault.   Check
Social Security Default:                Bush's fault.   Check
Future Dead Ambassadors:           Bush's fault.   Check
Dwindling Military Presence:       Bush's fault.   Check
Porous Borders:                            Bush's fault.   Check
Fewer Doctors:                             Bush's fault.   Check
Low Quality Health Care:             Bush's fault.   Check
Small Business Foreclosures:       Bush's fault.   Check
Low Quality Education:                Bush's fault.   Check
$20 Trillion Deficit:                      Bush's fault.    Check
No Balanced Budget:                    Bush's fault.    Check
Global Warming:                           Bush's fault.    Check

That should cover it for starters. Never say I don't try to help the president wherever I can.

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