Monday, January 21, 2013

Let Us Drink Milk and Honey

Ah, to live in a liberal's fantasy land must be a wondrous thing. If only everyone would love and not hate, give and not take, bless and not curse, make love and not war and...and...I think I'm going to be sick.

Yes, it would be grand, wouldn't it? That's what we should do. We should drink milk and honey and sprout fresh smelling blooms from our bottoms and wish away all the world's problems into the corn field. Utopian thinking is the way to everlasting peace and understanding. We need to quote famous figures who denounce violence and espouse pacifism, for if the tyrants out there could see how harmless we are they would melt in our presence and instantly morph into preserved figs that we could taste all the day long. That's why there are people acting out evil things. It's because they don't understand how lovely the rest of us are and that if they would only come within our fold the beast that beats inside them would be tamed forever and we could lie among the clover and have one big slobbery lovefest with another. Why, if everyone had the same thing, then crime would disappear. If there were no guns, murder would disappear.

I can see it now. Let us all have a Volkswagen and a two bedroom house with kitchen, small living room and bathroom. Everyone has central air and heat, and everyone gets a chicken a day with a cup of rice. Why steal if that's what everyone has? Why covet if that's what everyone has? Why kill, maim and destroy if it will gain you nothing but the same thing that everyone else has? I think we should demand this happen right away. Let us start a petition to the White House and ask our President to sign one of his executive order thingys and put it into action. After all, government is the answer. Right? All of the world's ills can be answered by the right kind of governing.

And, of course, we need the utopians to help teach the rest of us the true way of happiness and contentment. I'm sure it has something to do with jump rope, hop scotch and jacks, but I'm not an expert on dreaming about the impossible like they are. I'll need to be re-educated, too.

A lot of us will have to do without certain things we have become accustomed to when the new world order comes into play. Things like...freedom...liberty...and the pursuit of what makes us happy as individuals. No, the liberals want 'normal' to be defined as everybody having and doing the same thing. Individuality is out, for it is individualism that breeds greed, lust, envy, hatred and violence.

The liberal totally rejects the idea of sin as the root cause of the world's problems. They say it has to be more than that. There has to be more to it than that. It can't be that simple. Then, when they turn the coin over to look at the other side, they scoff and scorn at the simplicity of the answer to sin. The liberal wants the answer to be found within us and them. They want man to find his own answers and his own solutions. They don't want to cast aside their own godhood, because then it would make them answerable to someone higher, greater and more powerful than they. Liberals refuse to believe their own ideas of what real power is couldn't even start to reach the height of what is truly there. No, they would rather look to those who are no better and no worse than they for their dreamy yet useless quotes, and then look upon those who are of a different mindset as inferior and a major part of the problem that just doesn't seem to want to go away.

One day, there will be a reckoning. It's in print that it will come. I would rather be reading that, believing that, than thinking they can avoid said reckoning by their own pitifully inadequate intellect. No matter how much you 'Imagine', this old world is only going to get worse and worse. And, every one of us has a hand in it. of us.

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