Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bring on Sequestration!!!!!

Yes, our cities will fall. Anarchy will rule. Services will vanish. People will die. Baby rabbits will be sold for stew meat and we will all have to drink our own pee. Sheesh.

People, people, people. 85 billion dollars isn't a drop in the massive bucket of what this country spends, and it isn't 85 billion in 'cuts'. It's 85 billion in increased expenditure that won't go into effect. That's ... all ... it ... is.

Obama the tax-o-man is trying to scare the less informed...which amounts to 99.9% of our population, into thinking the sky will completely fall if he doesn't get his way. Teachers by the millions will lose their jobs!!! Oh my. How awful. Police and firemen will not be able to catch your criminal or put out your fire. Oh my. How awful. Sheesh.

This man is the absolute WORST human being that has EVER sat in the White House. And there have been some doozies in the past, let me tell ya. If he has his way, this country will be so totally transformed and emasculated it will only be a shell of what it once was by the time 2016 gets here. I would rather Bill Clinton come back for the next twenty years than have Obama in office for another nano second.

So, my message to the House is don't let him have his way. Let sequestration come and say no to any new tax hikes. No, no, no, no. Fight him tooth and nail, with spit and blood, with angst and fervor every step of the way for the next four years. Fight him, fight him, fight him and never give up fighting him.

He got his tax hike. Now it's time to cut, cut, cut and cut some more. Let him squeal like a pig. The noise suits him.

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