Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back in the Day, Part 2

Please take a look at the last paragraph of my previous post, Back in the Day. Then, read the headlines today about the Colorado shooter's parents. Did I call it, or did I call it?

The parents have come out and said they are going to support their son. They said they are going to stand by him. Their lawyer, when pressed, said, "Of course...he's their son."

(Loud Game Show Buzzer indicating WRONG ANSWER!!!!)

What??!!!  This is what I was talking about in the first Back in the Day post. Right or wrong, demon or angel, killer or non-killer, we're going to stand behind our son and support him??? No matter what??

My parents loved me, nurtured me, protected me and provided for me. I was allowed to get away with a lot of stuff. But it was annoying stuff. It was being a smart mouth, a slob, a poor student at times, getting drunk, etc. But Dad told me one time that if I ever got thrown in jail, I better not waste my first phone call by phoning home. Their philosophy was, if I was grown enough to get myself thrown in jail, I was grown enough to get myself out.

Little Jerkwad from San Diego doesn't have to worry about that. Mommy and Daddy are packed and on their way to Aurora to stand behind their Little Jerkwad from San Diego. AND, they're doing it because....he's their son.

Let me tell you who they should be standing with and supporting. The twelve families who lost loved ones because their spoiled rotten little brat, the Jerkwad from San Diego, decided he wanted to go kill a lot of innocent people. They should be standing with and supporting the 58 families and victims that their spoiled rotten little brat, the Jerkwad from San Diego, decided to go off and shoot indiscriminately and with no good reason. THAT'S who they should be standing with. If these were MY parents, they would be disowning me at this moment, declaring me as evil as Satan himself, and helping the police and those families as much as possible. And you know what else?? They would be right in doing so.

You don't support someone just because there is a biological, familial connection. You don't support mass murderers. EVER! For any reason. ANY.

"Oh...poor little Johnny. He was always so misunderstood."
"We never spanked little Johnny. Dr. Spock said it would ruin his ability to cope."
"Time out! Time out! TIME OUT!"

You know what my 'Time Out' was? The belt. That was my time out. After two or three of those, I got the message. I didn't want anymore Time Outs, so I followed the rules. The rules were, Dad ruled, then Mom ruled and me and my brother had no say about who ruled. Pretty simple set-up if you ask me; and one didn't have to be overly intelligent to figure out the pecking order or how one lined up on the Totem Pole of rulership. Since I was the baby of the family, I was at the bottom. I got the used furniture. I got my brother's old clothes. I got his old stereo. Hell, I didn't get anything new except for Christmas and my birthday. Maybe I should go out and kill a bunch of people because I never got any new stuff. Sheesh.

Plus, these parents of the Jerkwad from San Diego won't say they're sorry about what happened. Now, I don't blame them. They didn't actually pull the trigger. I'm pretty sure they subsidized him, because even with the money I make I can't afford weapons like that, much less 6000 rounds of ammo. In fact, when I read that, I took an inventory of my ammo. I don't even have a thousand rounds, and would need to open my wallet to even get to that figure. Here's what they should say:

"We are deeply outraged over the senseless brutality that occurred in your town. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with all the victims. There is nothing we can say to ease the grief you are experiencing. However, know this, we stand by you and we support you, and you alone."

Then, the daddy of the Jerkwad from San Diego needs to go to the jail and say this:

"Son, you will start cooperating with the police. There is no doubt you did what they say you did and you need to be a MAN and take account of it. If that means you spend the rest of your life on death row, then that's what it means. You forfeited your future when the first person in that theatre died at your hand."

That's what a real father and a real man would do. But NOOOOOOO. We stand by him because he's our son. No, once he became a murderer of innocent people on that scale...that's all he would have become to me. A murderer. Shame on them. Shame on them from here to eternity for the stance they have taken. If I were the city of Aurora, I would tell them to re-pack their bags and go back where they came from. I would say, "We got this handled. GET OUT."

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