Friday, July 20, 2012

Blind Following is a Disgrace

There have been times in the history of the world where an entire population of a country or race has been caught up in the rhetoric of its leader or leaders and failed to do the right thing that they knew to do. The result was usually the crowd being taken down a path of evil that resulted in their destruction. If not evil, then at the very least a path that led to an ideological change apart from the people's core beliefs.

Now, exactly what are 'core' beliefs. They are what you believe is the crucial aspect that determines your physical experience of life. Core beliefs are those things you just know and trust to be true. If you have no core beliefs, then you are morally bankrupt and nothing can be done for you. Stop reading now so you won't be wasting my time or yours.

On the way to work yesterday morning I was listening to 950AM during one of their morning conservative talk shows. A Black American called in and stated that he was against abortion on demand. He stated he was against gay marriage. He stated that he didn't want big government and he didn't want taxes raised. He wanted our borders secure and wanted to see more jobs and greater opportunity for all in America. The man was asked if he had voted for Obama in 2008 and he said that he had. When he was asked if was going to vote for Obama in this election, he said that it would be hard not to. The host pressed him as to why, and he responded that it would be based on Obama being a black man. He went on to intimate, without coming right out and saying it, that since 'we' had finally gotten a black man in the White House, 'they' were going to do all 'they' could to keep him there.

This type of mentality is beyond any method of understanding that I can bring forth in my mind. Here is a man who possesses many of the core beliefs I do. Our President shares none of them. He believes in basic family values and working for a living and not getting on the dole just because it's possible. He admits that Obama has failed in many areas as President, and went on to admit that Romney was more in line with his core beliefs than Obama was. Yet...YET...he is more than likely going to base his vote on color of skin, irregardless of what and who the man is or may be.
This is what is fundamentally wrong with the American voter. A vast majority cast their vote based on whimsical reasons. Even my own mother admitted that she always voted for the 'best looking' candidate. Many was the time I chastised her and pleaded with her not to vote, even if the candidate that was more in line with my core beliefs was the best looking, in her mind. One should NEVER vote uninformed. One should NEVER vote without performing their due diligence to see where a candidate stands, on any level of government. And, most especially, one should NEVER cast their vote based on race, religion, or creed alone.

I have no problem with a liberal supporting a liberal or a conservative supporting a conservative. If you are of one ideology or the other, and your research indicates to which way he or she bends, then cast your vote proudly. However, if a candidate is far left or far right, diametrically opposed to where you stand on your CORE beliefs; and you vote contrary to those and choose the candidate based solely on race, that is a travesty to the American system, the American way, and could one day lead to the destruction of the American dream. I don't care if a candidate is purple with pink polka-dots and speaks Etruscan. If they stand more solidly with what I believe to be true and just, they get my vote. That's the way it should be with everyone. Shame on all who do otherwise.

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