Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Fundamental Difference

I wish all politicians....ALL of them...would go off the teleprompter reservation. It's the only time we the people get to hear what they really think and have a glimpse of who they really are. Such was the case with President Obama last Friday. His speech in front of a partisan crowd produced his first major gaffe in the campaign, and it has cost him. The now infamous 'You didn't build that' statement has resulted in him having to go on the defensive for the first time. But, it's too late to backtrack. This one remark revealed more about him than anything else he has said. It revealed what's really in his mind instead of the smoke and mirrors and effusive rhetoric that usually comes out of a politician's piehole. It also revealed how unqualified he has always been to lead this country. And, more than that, it revealed how Washington D.C. thinks of itself and how it views the American people.

As Romney pointed out, along with all the conservative pundits on radio and TV, the government builds infrastructure on the backs of taxpayers. The government runs the necessary departments that assist small businesses on the backs of taxpayers. The government has built the mightiest military in the world on the back of taxpayers. The toilet paper our government uses in the Capitol washrooms was bought by the sweat, labour, hard work, sacrifice and dedication of the American taxpayer. Air Force One and the Presiden'ts Marine Helicopter are maintained, fueled, and bought and paid for by the American taxpayer. All Congressmen, Senators and the President are in their place of privilege and power due to the voting of the working and overpaying American taxpayer. Policemen, firemen, and teachers are paid by the American taxpayer. Every soldier, sailor and pilot in our military is handed their paycheck with a salute and a thank you by the American taxpayer.

And this President has the unmitigated gall to stand up, ON CAMERA, and verbally express that if it weren't for the government we the people couldn't do anything? If my memory of history serves, I believe certain men got together; who by the way were chosen by their constituency, and formed the United States Government with the approval of the citizens of this great country who were here before the United States Government existed. If it weren't for the citizens, this country would not exist as it does today.

Abraham Lincoln did not win the Civil War. It was the men on the field of battle who gave up life, liberty, freedom and the American dream and shed their blood to win that war. It was the citizens of the Union who answered the call to arms and marched away from their wives, mothers, children, jobs, businesses and everything they had worked to achieve in life, to die for the United States and what they believed in. It wasn't the Congressmen or the Senators or the Supreme Court judges who won that war, it was Joe Citizen who won that war. If it weren't for the citizens of this great country, not only would the United States Government never have existed, but it would have been destroyed somewhere between 1861 and 1865.

1939 saw the most horrific threat to world peace and individual freedoms history had ever seen. Yet, the greatest generation rose to the occasion in the form of young men and young women who joined the Armed Forces by the millions in one capacity or another, and died on battlefields too numerous to count It wasn't the President, or the Congress or the Senators or the Supreme Court Justices that won that war. It was Joe Citizen that answered the call of freedom and liberty and justice for all that fired the guns, sailed the ships, and conquered tyrants with their own blood and sacrifice so the United States of America could remain free from a despotic and evil rule. If the Nazis had acquired the Atom Bomb first, where do you think we would be today? The pressure of our precious young boys who were fighting and dying in Europe kept Hitler from developing more diabolical weapons of destruction and gave us time to develop them first to use against our enemies. And use them we did and I'm glad we did. So, again, in 1945, the U.S. Government owes its very existence to the American worker, businessman, and taxpayer. It owes its existence to Rosie the Riveter who kept the war machine churning while her man was out fighting and dying for this country.

And this President has the unmitigated gall to stand up and say without the government 'You didn't build that' ???  Mr. President, without the hardworking, taxpaying, patriotic citizens of this great country, you couldn't do a damn thing with this government. What has been built has been built by us, improved by us, made more powerful than any other nation by us, and by God Almighty will see you thrown out of OUR White House and out of OUR government and onto OUR streets that WE built without YOUR help or assistance; by US.

This is the fundamental difference between a liberal socialist with communist mentors of his past propping him up and him listening to an America hating preacher for twenty years;  and a God loving, freedom living, liberty enjoying, patriotic American conservative who still believes this is the home of the brave and the land of the free and the greatest country this world has ever seen or will ever see. Mr. President, I'm an American who firmly believes that you don't even know what being an American is about. The government of this country wasn't here first. The people were here first. And the people should be represented, and not ruled by anybody.

So, take a note. You have my permission to ignore your speech writers and your teleprompter any time you want to. When you do, you make a helluva campaign operative for Mitt Romney.

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