Monday, July 30, 2012

Where Is The Furor?

So, King Bloomberg of New York has locked up the formula and is telling New York mothers who have delivered newborns to pull those milk bags out and go to feedin' with what God gave ya. If mothers insist on using formula, they will be lectured on why they should not do so before acquiescing to their demands. In other words, they will be pressured by hospital staff to do otherwise.

Now, all I hear is crickets from the National Organization for Women. I see it's perfectly all right to kill babies, and when someone wants to interfere with a woman's right to choose how she deals with her body and try to counsel her on why she shouldn't suck a human being from their uterus, the NOW women turn into shrieking night hags with long nails and poisonous fangs. However, when it comes to a woman that WANTS to have her baby delivered alive and wishes to care for it, it's perfectly all right for some man who would be king to attempt to take the right to choose away from them.

I don't know about you, but this seems to me to be a glaring double standard. On the one hand, the feminists don't want men to tell them whether or not they can kill their babies prior to birth. But, on the other hand it's all right for men to tell them whether or not they can use their boobs to feed their live born babies. Hmmmmm.

And you thought it would all stop with cigarettes, didn't you? Bloomberg has outlawed the big gulp in New York City already. You can't buy a soft drink in volumes greater than 16 oz. It was Bloomberg's efforts that resulted in Heinz Ketchup, Starbucks and Subway to reduce the amount of salt they serve...NATIONWIDE. Under Bloomberg's royal edicts, all restaurants in NYC must cut down on the amount of sodium they put in their dishes. In New York, thanks to Bloomberg, you can't smoke in public parks or at the beach. I'm sure that soon, it will be illegal in New York to smoke in your own home. Billionaire Bloomberg has also forced all 25000 NYC restaurants to post a letter grade of A,B, or C as to where it ranks by the health officials of the city. It isn't just about cleanliness, as they might have to put up a B or C for such minor infractions as having the 'Choke' sign improperly placed. He has called the new grading system a success. However, several Star Bucks' branches in New York that were graded with an 'A' were crawling with infestations ranging from vaginal yeast to fecal strep. He also put in bicycle lanes at a cost of $25 million dollars, choking traffic in an already congested situation. He proudly announced that bicycle injuries were down since instituting his lordly policy. What he failed to mention is that pedestrian injuries are UP due to reckless bicyclists.

I think maybe the health officials in New York should go to each hospital and check every new mother's boobs for cleanliness. After all, isn't that where the infants will be feeding from now on? Are they no better than Bloomberg and the other citizens of New York? Then, based on their findings, a sticky A, B or C should be plastered on the accepted boob or the offending boob. One boobie might have an A, and the other boobie might have a C. That way, the nurses can direct the mother to feed the baby from the cleaner boob just in case she's too stupid to know the difference. After all, Bloomberg is the smartest human being in the world and we are but slugs before him.

I could go on and on about his majesty and what other great ideas he's hatching at the interminable cost to the New York City taxpayer, but I won't. I'll just let you, the big governmentniks who like to see taxes raised and Big Brother come in and rule your lives and our lives decide when enough is enough. I decided on my own a long time ago. The question you have to ask yourself is this. How far are you willing to let government go on dictating to us, instead of representing us? That's the question. To be or not to be...ruled.

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