Friday, July 6, 2012

Romney's Getting Creamed

I wonder, as I watch the campaign for President unfold, if Mitt Romney realizes he's in the biggest fight of his life. This campaign reminds me of 1974's Rumble in the Jungle between Ali and George Foreman. The only problem with the Rope A Dope strategy here is I don't know if Obama is going to 'punch himself out' like Foreman did. As in the famous fight, Romney is up against the ropes while Obama attacks and attacks and attacks. All Romney seems to be doing is reacting to the punches.

Bain Capital, offshore accounts, outsourcing jobs to other countries, being filthy rich at the expense of others, flip flopping here and flip flopping there are the main thrusts of Obama's punches. In the meantime, Romney jabs every now and then just so the referee (us, the voters) doesn't call the fight on a Technical Knockout. So far, Obama has been all offense and Romney has been all defense. If this continues for much longer, and I mean only a few more weeks, Romney may as well concede this election.

In my estimation, the man appears too soft. I also believe he has made a critical error to believe he can take his core campaign team from a State level election to a Nationwide level election. I'm no expert in this field, but it seems to me a Statewide election is minor league compared to a Nationwide one. There are too many traps, pitfalls, and misinformation flying around and being set up to believe one doesn't need national election type experience on your team. And, I mean a lot of it.

Romney's biggest failure so far was to not seize on the Supreme Court's decision on the health care bill. He came out flat and his team seemed to be discombobulated and not on the same page about what to do. That should have been figured out months ago. He was given a perfect opportunity to come off the ropes swinging like a madman but actually looked more like a creampuff. I still don't know where the man truly stands on it. Now, for the last week, he's been on vacation. Vacation? Romney acts as if he's a shoe in and he is anything but that.

The Bain Capital attacks seem to be hurting him, and yet he merely whimpers in response. Obama on the other hand has come out for gay marriage and most probably has garnered the majority of their votes. Then, he basically gives amnesty to illegal aliens while his justice department does all it can to make sure the non-citizens have every opportunity to vote, thus garnering most of those. The female voters aren't cozying up to Romney either. He needs to understand that the white male vote in this country isn't going to get him a job in the White House.

The offshore accounts being held up in a negative way by the Obama camp is hypocritical, but that's politics. Obama has no problem with his celebrity hangers-on being stinking rich, who most likely have their own offshore accounts. He only has a problem with me, you and Romney being rich. Yet, it is a tactic that works among those who believe in the redistribution of wealth and are jealous of the 'haves'.

While I'm watching this fight I don't understand what Romney is doing. It's round five and he's still up against the ropes, covering his face, protecting his midsection, letting Obama wail away at him with furious abandon while he absorbs the beating. The only problem for Romney is that this is not really a physical fight. Obama isn't going to grow tired from all the punches he's thrown. This is a mental toughness fight. This is a fight of intelligence and substance. This is a fight where you have to swing and swing and swing.

There is more than enough material to fight back with. Solyndra is one. The Keystone Pipeline is another. The almost near death penalty on energy production in the Gulf of Mexico. The latest jobs report. Hell, slam him on not taking any responsibility for anything except the health care law over the last three and a half years. Ronald Reagan would be having a field day with this amateur by now. I can just hear him. "Well, (with a nod of the head), I wonder if Obama's children were someone else's fault." The man doesn't take ownership of anything. In a fight, you have to find your opponent's weaknesses and vulnerabilities. What Romney and his team are not doing is fighting back with a well scripted game plan on how to attack those weaknesses.

Right now, Barak Obama looks like the stronger man, the stronger candidate with the stronger will to win. Romney seems to think the American voter is smart enough to tell who the best man is. He is dead wrong. The American voter wants to be TOLD who the best man is. The American voter wants to be SHOWN who the best man is. The American voter wants to be CONVINCED who the best man is. Right now, Obama is the one doing all the punching; and Romney is doing all the absorbing. If this keeps up, this race will have been over long before November.

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