Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Okay, I'm Missing Something Here

Early on Tuesday morning, a Houston shop owner was awakened to a noise and went to investigate. However, he wasn't alone. He took his .12 gauge friend with him that was loaded with .00 buckshot. The shop owner found a man burglarizing his store, shot him...and killed him.
Houston Police found a fatally stabbed woman on Monday morning. Her boyfriend has been arrested for the crime.
A man near Houston was arrested yesterday for calling women over to his car, on the pretense of needing directions, and then exposing himself.
Another Houston man over the past weekend got in an argument with his girlfriend and pulled the van over to continue the discussion. He struck the woman and then picked up a rock and shattered the glass on one of the windows. The glass struck the woman's two year old girl, requiring her to be treated for non-life threatening injuries.
Okay, I thought our government had banned burglary, knife murders, sex crimes, and assaults on women and children. If these things are banned, why are they continuing to happen? I guess the burglar found out the hard way why burglary is banned. Folks in Texas have guns and laws in place that allow them to use 'em. Burglary in Texas can get you killed...not just put in jail.

Yet, the libs and socialists in this country would disarm us for our own good so burglars can be more effective in carrying out their trade.
Food for thought.

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