Thursday, July 26, 2012

Since When is Disagreement Discrimination?

Rahm Emanuel, the illustrious and dishonourable mayor of Chicago, has come out and said that he will try to thwart another Chick-fil-a franchise from being built in Chicago until the company comes out with an anti-discrimination statement about gay marriages. WHAT?

All the founders of the restaurant have said is that they do not believe in gay marriage. Has it gotten to the point that simple disagreement with another person, group, race, creed, religion, or lifestyle is lawlessness or hate? I am incredulous at the Left who supposedly preach openness and acceptance and freedom for all, yet denounce anyone with enough gall to disagree with what they think others should agree with.

I am a Christian. Does that mean that I am against non-Christians?
I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. Does that mean I don't think homosexuals should exist?
I love roses. Does that mean I hate petunias?
I find other women attractive. Does that mean I don't love my wife?

We could go on and on about this and twist it any way you want to. Americans should be able to express their beliefs without backlash from those who are diametrically opposed to those beliefs. It is a well known fact that Emanuel is for same sex marriage. Okay. That's his right. In fact, he can run for any office he wants to and say whatever he likes. I don't mind. Just as long as I get the same privilege. You're for it, Rahm. Cool. I'm not. What are you going to do? Have my blog taken down? It wouldn't surprise me if you tried.

He's also for increased gun control. But not when it pertains to his personal security detail. Funny how all the left wing, diehard, socialistic morons who are running portions of this country have armed guards but don't want us to have the same ability to protect ourselves. What does that tell you about how well the rest of us are regarded by the Left?

Get a grip on reality, people. Not everyone is going to agree with you, even when it makes sense that they least to you. We are a diverse nation of peoples. It isn't hate speech for me to say that I'm against same sex marriage. I am. That will never change about me. Am I going to go protest when a couple of gays get married if and when it becomes law? No. Am I going to write scathing blog posts about the insanity of it all? No. I just think it's creepy and the biological equipment isn't there to support it. The history and customary viewpoint just isn't there. I don't want to wake up to someone that has just as much hair on their body as I do. And, it's strange to me that anyone else would. However....HOWEVER....I have never treated the homosexuals I've encountered any differently than I would someone else. And if it becomes the law of the land, I will abide by it just like I have the Roe vs. Wade case. I have never picketed an abortion clinic or shot at an abortionist. I pray for the women who think they have to do that and I also pray for the abortionist because he has no place in my theology. But, that alone doesn't make me a hater. It doesn't make me a discriminator. It makes me a disagree-er. And, quite frankly, I can disagree with whatever damn thing I want to. This is still America...for now.

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  1. The word 'hate' is often and proudly used by a certain segment of society that cannot otherwise justify being in favor of their heroes. I have often asked for FACTS to support their preference and after a while, weird enough, the word 'hate' surfaces as an excuse to blame the other segment of society for lack of support, opposition, etc., etc., etc....... "You are just a hater" I have heard just so many times........