Saturday, September 15, 2012

Do Not Fear

From the late 1970's I started a journey of study. I began to search Biblical scripture concerning latter day prophecy. Now, before you leave the blog expecting this to be a 'preacher' tirade, please give me the benefit of the doubt.

I read all of Hal Lindsey's books. I know that Lindsey has been labeled a Zionist, among other things, but even if you are diametrically opposed to the Bible and conservative interpretation, it might be in your best interests, then, to see what your enemy is saying. Right?

There are many things I gleaned from my studies over the years that I now see playing out on our news programs. It's as if I have been taken back in time where I can see myself sitting at the desk with the dim reading light. Open books surrounded the Bible and I am vigorously taking notes.

For example, back in the '70's the prevailing thought was that America would have to decline economically before the end times could occur. Back then, it was believed this would happen over the course of the next hundred years. After all, America was the strongest country the world had ever known. Its vastness and industrial might, along with it being separated from the rest of the world by two massive oceans, kept us safe. However, in 2008 America was listed number one as the most economically competitive country in the world. Since then, in just four short years, we now rank seventh behind such countries as Sweden and The Netherlands. This according to the World Economic Forum. If sequestration occurs, where the United States military sees a massive reduction in fincancing, our Air Force will be reduced to the smallest its been in our history. Our navy will be reduced to its lowest level in more than forty years. The ability to extend our reach on a global level will be drastically cut back. With the country now in debt to the tune of 16 trillion dollars and counting, where we owe more than we are taking in, there can be little doubt that no matter who wins the Presidential race in November, our nation is in a steep and almost unstoppable decline. What this does is allow countries like China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and the muslim world to rise to dominance over us. It allows Europe to seize the initiative on economic might. All of these countries are the enemy of Israel, and without America having the ability to sustain a wall of defense around them, it creates the opening for the whole world to come against them. Just as the Bible has predicted.

Another prevailing thought was the ten nation confederacy, as predicted in the Bible, would be the Revived Roman Empire with its seat of power stationed in Rome...or, more the Vatican. As times have moved on from the 70's, I now think this was wayward thinking. The most prevailing religion in the world is Islam. This is even the fastest growing religion in the United States. Islam is taking the world by storm. Muslim populations in France, Germany, Holland, England, Norway, Sweden, Belgium...among others...are growing at exponential rates. France is starting to see the influx as a cultural danger to the French way of life, but has started to fight back too late; in my estimation. The Bible predicts a one world religion will take power over the planet, and this religion will kill all who do not convert to it. What religion on earth presently has in its holy book a stage for such a practice, if not historical precedence? The ultimate religious leader will have his headquarers in Jerusalem. The Dome of the Rock is the second most holiest site in the Islamic faith, with Mecca being number one. The Dome of the Rock is purportedly where Muhammed ascended into heaven with the angel Gabriel. Where else would an Islamic Caliph place his throne but in the universally accepted center of the world?

In the '70's, we were already seeing a decline in the Christian church. Today, it is so weak that even one of the major political Party's in our country did not want to mention the Christian God in their platform. While our government finds all things anti-muslim as reprehensible, it is open season on Christianity's people and beliefs. Churches across Europe are shutting down. I, myself, have seen the abandonment of the church in Great Britain. Some have been re-opened as bars, restaurants and even casinos. I have seen this with my own eyes. While the Islamic faith is surging forward with its fanaticism and legalistic religious policies, the Christian church is merely a shadow of what it once was. This is what MUST occur for end time prophecy to come true. Jesus said the church would be the salt of the earth. Salt is a preservative that keeps corruption from food. When the salt is gone, evil can prevail. When the salt has lost its savour, then corruption comes in like a flood. Biblical prophecy says that first...before the end times can begin...there will be a great 'falling away'. This has not only begun to happen, it is near the completion of happening.

The Bible predicted a rapid advancement in technology prior to the end times. Think about it. The 20th century saw a massive surge in technological advancement unprecedented in the history of mankind. You could say that only a century earlier we were still just a stone's throw from relying on the horse for our power and travel on the seas was still powered by wind or not at all. From Henry Ford rolling out his first car to man landing on the moon was less than seven decades. How remarkable. In the book of Revelation, it speaks of the two witnesses who were killed in Jerusalem and left to rot in the streets. It says that every eye in the world saw them lying there. Up until just the 1970's, this was thought to be a preposterous statement. But thanks to the internet and satellite TV, it is now possible. The Apostle John spoke of seeing great destruction with fire and brimstone that killed hundreds of thousands. You must understand that this man was thrust 2000 years into the future and told to describe the things he saw. He could only do that with his 1st century mind and with terminology he understood. In his time, a volcano was the most destructive force known to man, and many writers of the day described these eruptions just as he did in Revelation. However, we now know that the most destructive force is nuclear weapons. If unleashed with their full potential, it is easy to conclude the prophet was seeing this and not a volcano. The stage has been set with the advances in technology to ruin civilization as we know it. It exists and stands primed to bring about the apocalypse spoken of in the Bible. For the first time in man's history, we can bring about the devastation that was recorded more than 2000 years ago.

It has also been prophesied that the people of the earth will clamor for their leaders to save them, protect them, provide for them, and turn their eyes from God and to man. Eventually, they will turn to one dictator...who will seem to have all the answers. Far fetched, you say? Look at how the people still support Obama when everything he has done is contradictory to what he has said when trying to get elected and then re-elected. The masses don't care and still shout his praises when there is no evidence to support he deserves them. Obama is the harbinger of things to come. There will be another who will come onto the national stage and in the beginning it will seem like he has all the answers. Just as Hitler came on the scene and captivated a nation to worship him to their very destruction, so will another come. Only, he won't captivate a nation, he will captivate the world. We are already seeing the downfall of individual soveriegnty of countries. Borders are blurred, even here. Cultures are mixed. Multi-culturalism is winning the day. Soon, and perhaps in my lifetime, we shall witness the the emergence of a great power under one man. It is being set up as we speak by the elitists of the world.

Yet, we as Christians should not fear these things. In fact, we should welcome them. We live in an exciting time as we see the pages of the Bible unfold before our very eyes in the real and in the now. Jesus said the evidence of him being who he said he was came in the fact that he had told his disciples certain things would happen before they occurred. In other words, the ability to see into the future is the bonafides that God is the real God and that there is no other. Do not fear. Take comfort when you see the world going down a path to its own destruction. It has been foretold this would happen. It has been predicted. Do not delight in it. For there will be hundreds and hundreds of millions deceived and who will die without God. This is the great tragedy. But, those of us who are eternally safe should not fear or worry. None of what is happening has taken God by surprise. After all, he said all this would happen...before it started happening.

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