Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Libya / Egypt....And, We Will Do Nothing....

The U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, was savagely killed along with three other Embassy Staffers in Benghazi, Libya. The reason they were killed is because someone in America made an obscure movie that I and literally millions of other Americans didn't know anything about. The movie, allegedly, degrades the 'prophet' Mohammed so...of course....Americans must now be killed. Our embassy in Cairo was also attacked and the mob took down our flag and tore it to pieces, replacing it with the black muslim flag. At least in Egypt there were no shots fired.

Our flaccid response in Egypt was to apologize for America's disregard for the feelings of muslims. Our flaccid response about Libya was this was not reflective of the Libyan government or the majority of its people, but that of a small fringe group of highly extremist views about Islam and that we stand behind the Libyan people.

Really? I mean...really?

In other words, the United States will do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Would to God we had Teddy Roosevelt in the White House. In case anyone is confused about what happened in Libya, this was an act of war. Plain and simple. Every arab nation knows that the U.S. is considered evil and the great satan for its support of Israel and the fact that we've been killing muslims at a rapid rate now for over ten years. These governments, no matter how small or great, MUST realize that their people any moment...go nutzoid and do something stupid. They HAVE to always have beefed up security around our embassies with orders to 'shoot to kill' these extremist dirt clods that go crazy every time poor little ole Mohammed is insulted. The fact they don't, is clearly a lack of respect for our sovereignty and the lives of our people and can be concluded as an accessory to the act of war.

Here's what I would do. I would send a carrier task force into the Med and park it right off the coast of Libya. With this task force would be about 3000 marines. These marines would be used to board all of Libya's offshore platforms and turn off the spicket. Then, we wouldn't allow any ship to leave its coast, stopping every one of them, boarding them, and then turning them around to go back where they came from. This I would do until there were about 1000 well armed, well trained Libyan soldiers surrounding our embassy with everything from machine guns to RPG's to tanks to cannons with a promise they would stay there PERMANENTLY and sworn to die in the defense of our embassy and its people. I would demand this in writing. Every other day or so, I would send some jet fighters into their air space just to see if they felt like fighting. If they shot one missile, I would drop two, 500lb bombs to send them back into the stone-age. Believe me, that's all it would take.

America cannot afford to look weak...AGAIN...where arab cultures are concerned. Do you not see that it takes a strongman like Quaddafi and Saddam and Assad and Mubarak to keep these people under control? That's all they've known since before the time of Christ. You expect them to change overnight? Plus, they HATE us. They H-A-T-E us. And, they always will hate us. There are only two things that will make them love us. First, we have to send every nuke we have into Israel and destroy the jews completely. Second, we all have to convert to Islam. Then and only then will they not hate us. So, since we all know that is not going to happen, why do we continuously try to befriend them and be nice to them and give them money and military and humanitarian assistance??? It boggles the mind. Those are things we could give to our own selves or to those who are REALLY our allies.

Obama has been real good about drone striking small groups of terrorists. But he has been abysmal when it comes to dealing with COUNTRIES. It's time to walk softly and carry a big stick. We cannot afford another Tehran like in 1979. Act like a Superpower....or be doomed to never be one again.

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