Monday, September 10, 2012

New E-Book Available on

Just wanted everyone to know that my latest novel is now available on

The setting is modern day and revolves around a patch of jungle deep in the Amazon Basin rain forest. Several unexplained deaths have occurred there and no surveillance technology known to man can penetrate the affected area. After several soldiers go missing, the Brazilian government realizes they need help. A European montage of scientists have been invited by Brazil to go in and determine what is causing the turmoil. A team of agents from the highly trained U. S. Bureau of Diplomatic Security are charged with their protection. Sam Harradin, the leader of the team, has explicit instructions to find the technological anomaly, capture it, and smuggle it out of Brazil and into the CIA's hands. Meanwhile, an elite commando unit of Chinese Agents are trying to beat the westerners to the prize and have orders from Beijing to be as ruthless as it takes to claim success. Unknown to them all, a de-frocked priest is bent on finding out the secret before anyone else and if he will mean the end of life on earth as we know it. The main problem for them all is the jungle is highly motivated to keep its secret from being discovered, regardless of the body count.

This book is available on Kindle and I have it priced at 99 cents. If you do purchase it, please post a review on Amazon, good or bad. Thanks.

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