Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Musings

Nothing like a fresh cup of coffee and looking out the window on a beautiful day. If you woke up alive and are healthy, be thankful for that. A lot of people can't say the same thing.

I am working on a new book and have finished the second chapter. It's a murder mystery set in 1965 and based in Hardin County, Texas. Hardin County is where I spent a good portion of my life and I know the area well. Not only that, I know what the people are like there and I believe this will help me bring a good bit of realism to the characters I create. The towns and geography are factual, and there may be a few characters that have a twinge of real people in them that I have known, but I will keep that a secret.

So glad that football season is finally here. My Texans have started out 1 and 0. They will be in Jacksonville today and hopefully can come out the gate at 2 and 0. However, Gary Kubiak has a history of not being able to get these guys motivated, as was witnessed last week when they went 24 minutes without even sniffing the end zone against Miami. We'll see.

If you haven't seen the British comedy, Hot Fuzz, you've missed some of the best humor the Brits have to offer. Funny, funny movie. I rarely laugh at 'movie' comedies, but this one had me rolling places.

Getting ready to go to the Bahamas this week for the final vacation of the year. We'll be going to the Exumas, which is a group of 360 tiny islands. The one we're going to only has eight bungalows on it and each one comes with its own boat so you can putt putt around to some of the closer islands. One of them is uninhabited except for a bunch of pigs that have become famous in the area for swimming out to meet boaters, begging for food. We definitely plan to go see the 'swimming pigs'. I won't be taking a computer, so I will be incommunicado for over a week.

I've already sold a few copies of Evil Most Holy and The Grove of Akkadia. The radio campaign in Austin is still going strong, promoting my book The Keeper's Dare. Have been seeing some good sales from that. It would be great if one of these were to really take off. Oh well, I guess this kind of thing takes time.

I'll be glad when the Presidential election is over. At this point, I don't care who wins. The country and world is in such a mess there isn't any one person that can turn this thing around. Facebook is a battleground between the Conservs and the Libs, of which I have been a part, but it is growing tiresome. I know I have offended some and for that I am truly sorry. I've decided to trim it back some and mostly sit back and watch.

I hope you all have a great Sunday and get to do whatever makes you happy, as Marvin Zindler used to say. For me, I'm going to enjoy some football, good food, a little writing time and for right now...go get me another cup of coffee. Take care.

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