Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Newest E-Book Available on

My latest novel is of the HORROR genre and I pulled out all the stops on this one.

The setting is England, 1590, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First. Enidor Fox is a depraved witch hunter traveling the southern countryside in search of wealth, not witches. Even though he is a priest, it is in name only. He partners with Lords and Nobles in the counties, falsely accusing persons of witchcraft and having them summarily tried and executed. Once they are dead, the Lords confiscate the deceased's property and grants Fox a kickback for his trouble. He soon finds himself in Wokingham of Berkshire County to work his evil again, but this time he stumbles upon a real coven of witches who are not happy to see him and his entourage of cutthroats invade their territory. The two forces are soon joined in mortal combat and only the evil most holy will win the day.

Extremely graphic content of torture, sexual situations and violence. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH OR THE EASILY OFFENDED!!!! Enter at your own risk.

This is an e-book available on's Kindle store. I have priced it at .99 cents. If you do purchase it, please provide a review on Amazon, good or bad. I love to hear from my detractors as much as my fans. Thanks.

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