Thursday, August 9, 2012

Can't Support It or Look At It

Photos have surfaced of Barak's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham that...if authentic, reveal a side to her character that is quite shocking since this is the mother of the President of the United States.

I have to wonder, "Why now?" Not only that, but..."Why at all?"

So far, the election process has been normal with the 'low blows'. Romney murdered someone's wife. Obama is a communist. Romney hasn't paid his taxes. Obama is a communist. This is all stuff we are used to in every election.

But, let me tell you about how I feel when you attack someone's momma. I don't care how evil, crass, corrupt, salacious, perverted, drunken, high or messed up someone else's momma is or don't attack her; especially if she's dead. Let me repeat...YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE'S MOMMA. PERIOD. EVER.

Plus, I don't care how evil, crass, corrupt, salacious, perverted, drunken, high or messed up someone is that you don't talk about THEM to their face...YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT THEIR MOMMA. PERIOD. EVER.

In my humble opinion,  a person can get no lower than to dog someone's mother. I remember one time that I got extremely redneck in the ICU of Beaumont's Baptist Hospital several years ago. My grandmother lay dead on a gurney and my mother told me the doctors had forgotten to give her the heart medication she required. I took it up with the doctor and he informed me my mother was....lying. Before he knew it, the good doctor was up against the wall with me in his face. I said, "Did you just call my momma a liar?" He quickly did a quick back check and said that he must have mispoken. What he meant to say was that she was mistaken. As it turned out...she wasn't and the doctors apologized for the error in their treatment. It isn't what caused her death, but they damn sure didn't give it to her.

Hell, I wouldn't bad mouth Hitler's mother or Saddam's mother, or any other sorry piece of crap's mother you can think of. You just don't do things like that and still call youself a decent human being.

I don't like Barak Hussein Obama. I don't like him, his politics, his policies, his ideals, his laws, or his legislation. But all that has absolutely nothing to do with his mother. I had one of the greatest ladies in the world as my momma. Anything I am that's bad, cannot and should not be laid at her feet. I do the bad things all by myself. Anything I am that is good, she gets all the credit. But never, ever, never ever let me hear you bad mouth my momma...or anybody else's momma. It's just something you're a total jerk. TOTAL.

I can't support the issuing of these photos. I saw them posted on my FB home page, and have not nor will not look at them again. After all...that's somebody's momma. Shame on you if you perpetuate it.

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