Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Islamic 'Juma' to Conduct Prayer at DNC?

Everybody needs to calm down. You can't find Juma kicking off the DNC on the DNC's list of events. The actual prayer time is going to happen on August 31st, Sept. 1-2, ending the day before the DNC, and it will take place in a park somewhere away from where the convention is being held. It is NOT a part of the Democratic National Convention and Obama and his staff did NOT say no to a Catholic Cardinal (which they did) and then YES to a radical muslim organization for a prayer time at the DNC.

There is so much spin in politics and among those who follow politics that it is difficult to determine what's a fact and what is pure crap. The stuff going on the internet about this Juma business is pure crap. Regardless of whether you are pro-Islam or anti-Islam, these people have a right to assemble in a public place and pray if they want to. I know that when they become the majority that won't be the case for the rest of us infidels; but right now they are the minority which means they are peaceful and all inclusive and liberal with other religions. Since the Constitution is still in force, they have every right to pray and do their thing.

It seems strange to me that the NOW feminists and the Gay Pride folks won't be protesting against them, since they are extremely anti-women's rights and routinely execute gay people in the areas where Sharia law rules the day, but that's their decision.

But, if the DNC has not in fact invited them to open the Convention with an Islamic prayer, then don't spread it around that they have. Don't be like THEM, meaning the liberals. Speak the truth. And right now, the truth is that Juma has not been invited by the DNC to open the convention. They...have...not...done...that.


The Democratic Convention's first three days are at the Time Warner Cable Arena. The last day will be at the Bank of America Stadium.


  1. I quoted you to a friend on fb but then I found this today. What do you think of this site? http://www.theblaze.com/stories/dnc-announces-2-hour-islamic-jumah-prayers-after-rejecting-cardinals-blessing-and-you-wont-believe-whos-invited/

  2. The Blaze is a fanatically conservative website. I usually take what they write with a grain of salt and investigate their stories to confirm what they're saying. This radical Islamist group is aligning themselves with the Democratic Party but is not a part of the DNC. Their festivities and 'prayer' time will be over before the DNC starts. I fervently hope that Obama allows a Juma prayer at the DNC. If he does, that will be political suicide. However, he's smarter than that. There will be no overt muslim presence at the DNC from what I have been able to find out. I'll still keep my fingers crossed and hope it happens. Would love to be wrong on this one. LOL