Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Letter I Sent to Senator John Cornyn

To the Honorable Senator John Cornyn:

Senator Cornyn,

  I am taken aback by the DHS's purchase of several hundred million hollow point, high powered bullets. The government has said it is for arming and practice purposes. I used to be in law enforcement and know for a fact these types of ammunition are not for target practice. There are much cheaper 'target' rounds for this purpose. Target rounds make precise holes in paper targets so the accuracy of the shooter can be efficiently determined. Hollow Points are made for field use. Purchases are being made by the National Weather Service, the SSA and other departments with space in their budgets so the DHS can make these purchases. I am not a conspiracy buff, but it seems to me our government is preparing for some kind of action against the American people. There is no earthly reason any department other than our military branches should be ordering this kind of firepower. The government was not put into place to protect itself from its own citizens, but to protect its citizens from foreign enemies. I am appalled that not a peep has been heard from the floor of Congress or the Senate demanding that Janet Napolitano explain her actions, and the actions of the current administration, and that those explanations should be forthright, concise and have some merit. The present explanation is ludicrous, at best. There is a growing fear in this country about what plans Washington D.C. has for the American people, and I am finding myself leaning in that direction myself. I am a law abiding citizen, having never been arrested or jailed for any reason; and I find it disconcerting that my representatives are not looking out for my best interests, as well as those of my fellow Americans, by asking and demanding answers to at least this most disturbing development. Any non-stock answer from you on this topic would be greatly appreciated.


Rober Coward

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