Friday, August 3, 2012

Let Me Tell You Where Dan Cathy Went Wrong

First off, Dan Cathy can say whatever he wants to, and so can the homosexual community; as concerns their position on what traditional marriage is. Secondly, Rahm Emanuel...who has gone incredibly quiet about the whole affair for the last three days (snicker snicker)...and his other mayoral cronies...cannot say they will use their political office and powers thereof to interfere with legal free trade and commerce over someone's opinion. There.

Where Mr. Cathy erred in his original interview statement was in reference to God's judgment coming down on America because of the 'audacity' of human beings to redefine what marriage constitutes. This is why.

As a Christian, we all believe that Jesus was the Son of God and died for man's sins. Easy to say, right? But, there's more to it, and that is why one must be as equally learned in the Old Testament as they are in the New Testament. I know that most of us have seen Raiders of the Lost Ark. Good movie, bad theology. The Ark of the Covenant had three things inside it that represented man's rejection of God. It contained the manna (bread) that fed the Jews during their wandering in the wilderness. They complained about the bread after a while, and didn't want to eat it anymore, even though God was supplying it for them and all they had to do was leave their tents in the morning and gather it up. This represented man's rejection of God's provision. Then, it contained the the Ten Commandments. Not the original set, since Moses broke those; they were a copy. These represented man's rejection of God's law. Finally, there was a section of Aaron's staff. The Jews rebelled against those leading them to the Promised Land. These were men that God Himself had chosen to lead. So, this represented man's rejection of God's leadership. Provision, Law, Leadership. Every year, the high priest would enter the Holy of Holies and sprinkle the blood of a sacrifice on top of the Ark, known as the Mercy Seat. By all accounts, before the blood was sprinkled...God could see into the Ark and witness his creation's rejection of Him. Once the blood was on it, then that's all he could see, and His anger was abated. At least for another year. Blood sacrifice goes all the way back to Adam and Eve. Once they ate from the tree of knowledge, they knew they were naked, since God's glory was instantly removed from them. The Bible states that they tried to clothe their bodies with leaves. As we all know, leaves make very poor clothing. It then says that God gave them skins for a covering. So, this begs the question...where did God get the skins? Well, he surely didn't go down to the Skin Store. Innocent animals had to die to cover man's sin. That's where blood sacrifice got started. The only problem is that this blood only 'covered' the sin. It didn't take it away. That's why a perfect and willing sacrifice had to be made so man's sin could be totally obliterated, and as the Psalms says, thrown as far as the east is from the west. When Jesus died on the cross, the Bible says that he became sin. All sin, past, present, and future was cast upon him. Since the Father cannot look on sin, that is why Jesus wanted to know why he had been forsaken. Before Jesus died, he said, 'It is finished.' That's when the veil separating the holy of holies in the temple was torn in two. There was now no longer a separation between God and man. At that moment, we began to live under the umbrella of the dispensation of God's grace. THAT's why Dan Cathy got it wrong.

At this very moment, God is not angry at anyone. His anger has been abated by the work that Jesus did on the cross. God doesn't punish anyone right now. Jesus is working as our high priest at the throne of the Father, interceding for us all. That's right, for us ALL. Black, white, hispanic, asian, good, bad, ugly, murderer, rapist, adulterer, etc etc etc. The Holy Spirit works among us to enlighten as many that will come to him, to come to him. God's judgment, for the moment, has been withheld for the last two thousand years due to Jesus' work on the cross. Does that mean that God condones sin now? Of course not. He never has and he never will. The conservative Christian believes that one day, and we believe soon, there will take place an event called The Rapture. The Left Behind series has made this event very popular. While entertaining, it is also bad theology. However, I digress. Once the Rapture occurs, those who have accepted Jesus as their saviour from sin...known as The Church...will be taken away and placed under God's personal protection. After that will come a time known as The Tribulation. This is when God's judgment will be poured out on the world. There will be the Seal Judgments, the Trumpet Judgments, and finally...the worst of them all...the Bowl Judgments.

There will be no country or race or sexual orientation judged more harshly than others. Believe me, it will be a non-partial judgment that will be dispensed equally among all. That is because God does not and never has viewed one sin as greater than another. Sin is sin in his eyes.

So, when Dan Cathy said that God was going to judge America, he was partially right. But he should have added in the GRACE part that we live under right now. Of course, some people could look around and say, "I don't see any grace thing goin' on down here." I would agree, to a point.

Sin brings its own judgment that has nothing to do with God. He told Adam that if he ate from the tree of knowledge, that he would surely die. Death is an ugly thing and comes in a myriad of forms. Eventually, it is physical. But men and women can die many deaths in a lifetime, and it is all due to sin. Sin has affected the plant life of this world. It has affected the animal life. It affects the rain, the oceans, the weather cycles and even the tectonic plates. It is the reason for wars and murders and rapes and any other ill thing you can think of. It is the reason for disease, age and death. It has such a monstrous effect, that the more people turn from God, the more torn the planet is, the ecosystem, the governments and the communities. The 'judgment' people are seeing today is a judgment of our own making, not God's. He merely let us know in the beginning that it would happen.

Watch the homosexuals today while they do their kiss-in at Chick-Fil-A. Unknowingly, they are sowing to the eventual destruction of the planet. Not because of kissing, or even for being homosexual. But for turning their backs on God's provision, law, and leadership. Just like it's always been, and shall always be for everyone that does the same.

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