Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Chick-Fil-A Bully Apologizes...Sort Of

Adam Smith makes another video that lasts more than 7 minutes to apologize to Rachel, the drive-thru girl at the Arizona Chick-Fil-A he berated for no real apparent reason other than to be a total jerk.

But he still doesn't get why there was such an outpouring of support on August 1st. He STILL thinks it was about gays, gay marriage, gay rights yadda yadda yadda. How can someone this stupid become a CFO and a college lecturer?

I hope someone sends this blog to him, so he can STOP being so self righteous about his stance since it is SOOOOOOO misdirected.

Hey ADAM!!! It was about the First Amendment Rights of ALLLLL Americans, dipwad. I didn't like the way you spoke to that poor girl, but you had every right to say what you wanted to. Every gay person in America has every right to say what they think about gay stuff. Rachel has every right to either be nice to you or to invoke her right to free speech and tell you to bugger off. And do you know what else that means, idiot jeans? It means that Dan Cathy can have whatever stance he wants and give his money to whomever he wants because this is still a FREE COUNTRY.

Amazon.com gives money to gay rights groups. But I still sell my books there and buy books from them. There are companies I do business with that give money to all kinds of groups I disagree with and if I get enough of them, guess what? I just don't go there anymore.  I don't show up at the counter and berate somebody I don't even know just because they work there. Do you know you were driving a car that probably had gasoline made from Middle East oil and that Muslims KILL homosexuals in the Middle East? Yet, you still pump that stuff in your car. Here in America, some of us just don't want them to be legally married. The government here doesn't sanction their execution and we Americans wouldn't stand for that anyway. You hypocrite. Stop buying gas, and I'll stop buying chicken. DEAL?

In case you don't watch the news, three mayors of major American cities either suggested or outright said they would use the power of their office to shut Chick-Fil-A out from doing business in their cities simply because Dan Cathy was on a Christian radio station and voiced his personal views. One went so far as to say (Rahm Emanuel) that he knew what the values were for everybody in Chicago. He's just as much a smut face as you are! What these men did, ADAM, was attack mine, YOURS, and everyone else's First Amendment Right under the Constitution of the United States...including gays. If they think they can do it to one, they will eventually think they can do it to all.

The reason you lost your job is not because your company is against the right to free speech. The reason you lost your job is because you were STUPID enough to put such an idiotic video online where everybody in the whole freakin' world could see it and the company got such a backlash from it they had to get rid of you for their own self preservation. Sad, I know. But, you brought it on yourself. I don't think you should have lost your job, I don't think you should have been threatened, and I really feel sorry for your family for not only having to be fearful of what some OTHER nutjob might do, but the fact they are stuck with their own NUTJOB.

You would have come off a lot better if you had just said on the NEW video, "I'm sorry, Rachel. I shouldn't have done that. I will never do it to anyone again." And then you should have SHUT UP!!! However, I support your right to keep on jabbering, so talk away. Those of us who went to Chick-Fil-A that day showed up to support us all, you imbecile.

And don't expect an apology from me. I hope you get a better job than you had. I hope this all blows over today and everyone in this country forgets who you are so you can live out your miserable little life in peace. I hope you win a squillion dollars in the lotto and give it to every gay organization in the world if that's what you want to do. In the meantime, just remember that not everybody thinks like you....and that's their RIGHT. THANK GOD!

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