Friday, August 24, 2012

Smorgasbord Friday

Welcome to the second edition of SMORGASBORD FRIDAY!!!!

The mummified body of a heroic diver who died 13 years ago while saving his buddy was found this week. The Huffington Post added that he was still in his wetsuit and the oxygen tanks still strapped to his back. Like...uh...he was ever going to take them off? He was found in over 220 ft. of water where the temperature remains at a constant 36 degrees, effectively preserving him enough that an autopsy quickly determined his identity. Glad that he is finally able to be put to rest.

The Iranians are saber rattling once again about how it is an insult for the country of Israel to exist and are spouting their old rhetoric about erasing the Jews from the planet. Let me just say that greater countries than theirs have tried the same thing over the last 2000 years and more. If one believes the Bible, the Iranians need to shuttup and sulk away. According to the scripture...they ain't going anywhere.

Joe Biden will be hawking his diatribe in Tampa during the Republican National Convention. This will be the first time that an unwritten courtesy is violated. That courtesy has been for each party to allow their conventions to go unmolested by the other party during this time. I'm not surprised at the crassness, and am quite glad Old Joe will be there. He's most certainly going to say something stupid again...and again...and probably again. He's the best weapon the Republicans have to re-take the White House in November.

Speaking of Democrats saying stupid things, you can put Michelle Obama in the mix. She told a bunch of supporters the other day to be sure and get as many people as possible to the polls on November 2. Why is that stupid? The presidential election is on November 6. Duh.

But, we can't let the Democrats have all the fun. Seems there's this Republican Congressman, Todd Akin running for the Senate in Missouri. He said last week that if a woman is subjected to a 'legitimate' rape (is there any other kind???) that her body has a way of keeping those little spermies from getting her pregnant. He was defending his stance against abortion...and performed miserably. I have to agree with Obama when he said that Akin obviously missed science class in school. What an idiot.

In South Africa, Solly the Hippo died. He was beaten up by another male hippo and took refuge in someone's swimming pool. Only problem was that it didn't have any steps and he couldn't get out. People drained the pool to about a three foot water depth so he wouldn't drown, but he died from stress before they could get him out.

The Syrians are killing each other as fast as they can and for some reason our government is concerned about it. When will we stop being the world's policeman? Hasn't Iraq or Afghanistan or Egypt or Libya or Somalia or Algeria taught us anything? These people hate us. They have hated us before, they hate us now, and they will hate us in the future no matter what we do. Why? Because we're rich, we support Israel, and we ain't muslim. Yet. If you haven't heard, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the United States. Ain't that a kick in the pants.

Greenpeace has gotten bold. Some of their folks have boarded a Russian drilling platform exploring for oil in the Arctic. They have attached tents to the side of this huge offshore structure in hopes of stopping the Russkies from drilling there. I don't know if they've heard, but the Russians don't mess around with people like them. They aren't a bunch of wusses like us and the Japanese. It wouldn't surprise me if these Enviro-nuts disappear inside some Gulag in Siberia soon.

Today marks the 43rd year I have been an owner of guns. To date...none have just jumped up and killed anybody. I'm still waiting for them to get a mind of their own and do so, but for some reason they don't move unless I handle them. I'll keep you posted on when they do.

Have a great weekend.

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