Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Candy Crowley...Hit 'Man'?

The only thing worse than getting a scorching case of chicken pox and then eaten by a bear is having to look at Candy Crowley for 90 minutes. The liberal TV news media has some of the scariest looking women alive. Even when they are pleasant to look at (Soledad O'Brien for example), the stuff that comes out of their pie hole makes one wonder how they ever rose to that level in their career. Fox News trots their ugly woman out every night (Greta van Susteren), but she's the only throw back in the bunch. And, in a beauty contest between her and Candy, I'd vote for Greta every time.

However, this is not a 'sexist' post....even though it's reading like one. Candy Crowley is a die-hard Democrat believing, socialist lovin', Obama worshippin' liberal of the highest order and has no business as a moderator in the Presidential debate tonight. A moderator in this kind of stage should be seen, if not actually, as an independent and non-committed bi-partisan referee between the parties involved.

Even both campaigns have complained about her recent remarks that she will inject her voice into the debate for 'clarification' purposes. She believes her presence is to make sure the candidates speak of 'apples' when there is an apple question and 'oranges' when there is an orange question. The last part strongly suggests that Candy lives in some kind of utopian dream world on Strattafax Five, a planet fifty galaxies away where ugly is beautiful and idiocy is deemed genius.

These are politicians, for crying out loud. Both men are going to disgorge the party line and the campaign rhetoric with as little real information as possible. That's why BOTH campaigns have sent letters to the Debate Commission about her recent comments. Obama has no record to run on, except for a bad one...and Romney is flying too high without getting into specifics to start now and give ammo to the opposition.

I believe this debate will be immensely more interesting to watch than the last one, and it will mainly be to see how Candy conducts herself. It is this writer's opinion that she will focus more on derailing Romney than seeing to it she remain objective and fair to both. I hope I'm right and that her efforts are obvious. If so, that will only make Obama look worse than he already does, and give conservative voices even more of a reason to cry foul and make hay about the double standard that exists in the media.

If I were to make a movie about a woman assassin, Candy would be perfect for the part. Can you just see that face when she grimaces in anger?  Obama won't be the only one tonight expecting to get aggressive. Crowley the Hit Man will, too. I would say Hit Woman...but she doesn't fit the look. It could be two against one. I can't wait to see how it plays out.

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