Thursday, October 4, 2012

Murder Mystery is Clicking Right Along

On a personal note, I'm 50,000 words into my latest book. It's a fictional murder mystery set in rural Hardin County, Texas, circa 1965. I've decided to not put this one on Amazon and will send it out to publishers and try my luck. I've really gotten in to the story line and the characters, who I think are some of my most interesting yet. (breaking arm, patting myself on the back) But, hey! If a writer doesn't like his stuff, who else will? Especially this one. Young girl gets killed, a plethora of suspects, private detective called in from Dallas, he gets in a lot of trouble, case is solved with surprise ending.

For those of you who have read some of my work, you will see that my heros/heroines all have personal character issues and weaknesses that reflect real life. None of them are so tough that they can take on all comers, and many is the time they need the help of others to complete their mission or just survive. This brings in an element of realism that I think is crucial to a having a story that is believable. My latest work is no different.

I chose Hardin County because I grew up there and know the territory like the back of my overuse a phrase. I also know the type of people that lived there during that time period and even today. Actual places and terrain are used in the book that actually exist or existed back then. The characters and the story line is all fiction, but the places are real.

The spot where the murder takes place is one where all of us kids used to go during the summer. It was a swimming hole in a popular creek in the northwest corner of Hardin County. The creek is spring fed and the water is bitterly cold, even during the hottest days of summer. That swimming hole carries some great memories for me. As far as I know, there was never a murder that occurred there, or even a drowning that I can recall. It was just a fun place to be. I use the beauty of the area as a back drop for the central theme of the story.

I wish I had begun writing a lot earlier than I did. But, maybe it's my life experiences that help me derive the story lines that I have running through my head now. It would be helpful to get more feedback on the work that others have read, but I know things like that are far less than secondary in people's lives. I just appreciate those who take the time to read my stuff. If they enjoy it, then that is reward enough.

There are four e-books of mine on, and all are for sale at just .99 cents each. They are as follows:

The Keeper's Dare: A true crime novel about my uncle being accused of killing a deputy sheriff
The Grove of Akkadia: A fiction action/adventure novel set in the Amazon rain forest
The Last Medal: A fiction detective crime drama set in Houston, Texas.
Evil Most Holy: A horror novel set in 1590 England in a 13th century village I lived in for a year

My western, Hell's Gunman, will be released in July, 2013.
I hope to finish the murder mystery in about six or seven more weeks and start submitting it to publishers.
In the meantime, I'm building a synopsis for my science fiction story. It's been a long time coming, but I think I have a good story line for that one.
Additionally, I've started on an autobiography and a Zombie story. Those two are presently on the backburner and I am taking my time on those.

Please check out my website at You can follow me on Twitter at RCowardAuthor. Anyway, just thought I would give an update on my 'second' career. Take care.

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