Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Vice Presidential Debate

Tomorrow night, Congressman Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden will square off for their first and only debate. After Obama got his head handed to him the other day by Mitt Romney in their initial debate, I expect Biden to come out swinging, and to be sufficiently prepared.

Known as the perennial 'gaffmeister', don't expect Biden to have any slip-ups tomorrow night. In fact, I am fully prepared to see a polished Biden who will stick close to the script. He will be like former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer who led the Ravens to a victory in the Super Bowl. Dilfer wasn't a gunslinger like Favre, or an excellent field general like Montana, or even a master of deception like Peyton Manning. What Dilfer brought to his team was a man who didn't make mistakes, protected the ball, and let his defense, under command of Ray Lewis, do all the winning. That is what is expected of Joe Biden by Obama and Gang when he takes the stage Thursday.

Paul Ryan, on the other hand, knows all too well what is coming. If he doesn't, then he's not as smart as everyone on the right says he is. Ryan better have his helmet on, his chin strap strapped and his shoulder pads tight. As in the next Presidential debate, I expect the Vice President to go on the attack and not slow up until the moderator says it is time to end the debate. Paul Ryan must not allow that to happen. Unlike Obama, Biden will not be taken by surprise. Therefore, Ryan has to strike hard and fast at the fact that the present administration has nothing of substance on their table and keep plugging the better alternative. It's the only way he is going to win. Ryan doesn't have to win decisively, he only has to win. The decisive victory was won by Romney. All he has to do is bloody Biden and send him packing to wherever he came from.

The pressure is on Biden and Obama. The polls are showing that Romney has surged ahead of or even with, Obama. In some cases, Romney has picked up eight percentage points. In the crucial swing state of Ohio it is still looking bad for the Red ticket, but if these two men can continue to 'best' their opponents in these debates, even that could change by election day.

Ryan has to push the fact that America is broke. He has to push the fact that we presently have no foreign policy. He has to push the idea for America's energy needs to be met in America, not Venezuela or Nigeria. He has to talk about the lack of good jobs. In fact, I could go on and on about all the things positive he could discuss and leave Biden with nothing to say but, "Doh!".

In the end, I have no doubt that Biden is not even close to Ryan's intellectual capacity. Joe Biden will be nothing more than a drone harping the party line...speaking only what he's been programmed to talk about. At the other podium will be a man of vision and one who actually has an  honest to goodness plan of direction for the country. It won't be to apologize for America and bow to foreign kings. The plan won't be to continue to bankrupt our country until our global presence is nothing more than a blonde joke. Their plan will not be structured to let anyone in this country illegally and then to allow them to vote illegally. The plan won't include taxing us even more so the unions in this country can dictate domestic policy to the ruin of us all. No, the plan is to rein in government, relieve the tax burden on us all, allow the oil to run through the Keystone Pipeline into our country and not be shipped to China; unleash the potential for small businesses and those who run and own them, and to keep the Supreme Court conservative for the next twenty-five to thirty years so liberal ideology will be stopped in its tracks and their socialistic tendencies will die a quiet, sustainable death.

Good luck to Paul Ryan. Good luck to Mitt Romney. Good luck to conservatism and Good luck to capitalism and Good luck to America and what she once, and still could, stand for.

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