Friday, October 19, 2012

Major Hadal "Idiot" Nasan

Three years ago....THREE years ago, this muslim nut job army major killed thirteen people and wounded 29 in a ten minute rampage, shouting in arabic, God is great, until he was finally gunned down.

Now, here we are...waiting to see if he has to shave or not before he goes to trial. Are you kidding me?

Looks like he had no problem shaving while he was in the army before. I don't even see a 5 O'clock shadow there. Technically, this evil animal is still in the U.S. Army and must abide by Army regulations. He is making a mockery of the U.S. military and the U.S. justice system and our military courts are allowing him to do it.

Just today, the news is out that a military appeals court voted 4-2 that he has to be shaved in court and could be forcibly shaved if he continues to refuse. My question is, who are the 2 nutballs who voted against it? This guy was born in America to muslim parents. He's been a muslim all his life. ALL his life. And never not once has there been an issue about him having a bad case of xyrophobia. Not once did his muslim faith keep him from shaving...until now.

What the U.S. Military courts are doing here is an abomination not only to the memory of our soldiers who were killed and wounded during this ambush, but it is an abomination to the family's of those killed who are still waiting, and most probably mentally suffering, to see justice done. It's an abomination because the delay is all about 'facial hair'. WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK???!!!!! It's not about religion. The reason is because, as I've stated, he's been a muslim ALLLLLLLL his life and never had an issue with it before now. It's a delay tactic, plain and simple. They need to send five burly marines in their and shave him with no amount of civility or tenderness. And, no...that wouldn't make us just like him. He would still be alive to go to court.

Common sense is so far and away from us, existing on some extra-dimensional plane in a black hole never to be found again, that we might as well just let the bastard go. Send him to Tehran and let them clean out his poopy pants and drain his urine bag and take care of the jerk. All we're doing by going through this process is showing how ridiculous our country and its leadership has become.

Too bad the officer on the scene that shot him didn't kill him then and there. What a waste of time this has become.

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